HealthMin Tataru: Population must understand we are going through difficult moment. PM Orban: When necessary, we will make decision to quarantine any local community

Minister of Health, Nelu Tataru (photo), stated on Friday, in northeastern Iasi, that we are not in the situation of reinstating the state of emergency due to the novel coronavirus, but reiterated that the next weeks will be difficult from an epidemiological point of view.

“I hope we do not transform into a police state, but the population must understand that we are going through a difficult time. The next two weeks will be difficult. We have had a period of two weeks with a legislative vacuum in which the same persons refused to be admitted, refused isolation, and until the moment those positive treat their disease they will continue to transmit it. Then we will have a rise. If we manage to impose, in accordance to law, admittance, isolation, the treating of those already in hospital, then we will limit this spread,” said Minister Tataru.

“The gravest scenario is when we will have an increased number of infections from one day to the other which will overwhelm the medical system, especially intensive care units, those cases that require ventilation support. In COVID hospitals there are around 2,000 ICU beds, of which 840 are fully fitted. At this moment we have 300 patients in Intensive Care. The red threshold is to have 2,000 infected in intensive care, which is not predictable at this moment,” said Minister Nelu Tataru.

The Health Minister added that in recent times the fear of COVID-19 infection reached even those contesting the existence of the virus.

“The information campaigns were matched by disinformation campaigns. When they come from influencers or political figures, we have distrust at the level of the population. There is fear among the contesters as well. We ask them only to calm down,” said Minister Tataru.

Referring to medics contesting the existence, Nelu Tataru said to journalists that the matter is “grave”.

“It’s a grave matter that there are colleagues of ours. Let’s think of everything that is the effort of other doctors and nurses who do not have time to contest, but who’ve stayed days and nights continuously near COVID patients, and some of our colleagues have died,” said the Health Minister, according to Agerpres.


PM Orban: When necessary, we will make decision to quarantine any local community


Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said on Friday that whenever it is necessary, the decision will be made to quarantine any local community where there is a wide spread of the new coronavirus.

“It is a quarantine procedure based on the evaluation made by the County Committee for Emergency Situations, with the approval of INSP [National Institute for Public Health]. By order of the action commander, the head of the Emergency Situations Department, Dr. Raed Arafat, the quarantine of a locality, of a village, of a commune, of a neighborhood, an area or perhaps a region can be decided upon, if there is a very wide spread of the virus. (…) When necessary, we will make the decision to quarantine any local community where there is a wide spread of the virus, firstly to protect the neighboring areas and secondly to take action among the local community to stop the spread of the virus,” said Ludovic Orban, on a working visit on the Sebes-Turda motorway.

“We have conducted an unprecedented mobilization of the control institutions. Basically, we are in a constant, safe, strategically directed action, especially towards the areas where there are activities with high epidemiological risk, precisely to defend the correct ones, the ones that protect their health from those who do not follow the law and the rules,” Orban said.


Orban, on Covid hospitals’ staffing: Resorting to volunteering, then to secondments


Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said on Friday in Oasa – Alba County that volunteering is the first solution to get the necessary medical staff for Covid hospitals in Bucharest, and if this is not accepted, the authorities will resort to secondments for a 50 percent extra pay.

“For now, each hospital in Bucharest has been requested to present the list of the staff who work in the anesthesiology department. (…) If we do not succeed through volunteering, which is the first step provided for by the law, we will resort to seconding personnel. I remind you that the law now incorporates the provision we wanted, namely a 50 percent additional pay for staff on secondment. So, apart from the consciousness drive which, I think, should work in all medical staff, because we cannot leave the sick without medical care, especially the critically ill in ICUs, there is also a material incentive for those on secondment,” said Ludovic Orban.

He added that in order to increase bed capacity, it has been decided to transform the Bucharest CFR 1 Hospital and the Ilfov County Hospital into Covid hospitals.

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