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January 18, 2022

Alliance for local elections in Bucharest between Pro Romania and party launched by Robert Negoita

Pro Romania, a party led by Victor Ponta, and the party launched by Bucharest District 3 mayor Robert Negoita, Bucharest 2020 party, announced the formation of an alliance in the perspective of local elections.

The Pro Bucharest 2020 Alliance was presented by Ponta and Negoita on Sunday at a press conference.

Victor Ponta said that he supports Robert Negoita for District 3 City Hall, but also for the Capital City Hall – both in 2020 and in 2024.

Instead, Negoita specified that the launch of this alliance’s candidates will be established at a later date.

“Victor [Ponta] was a good prime minister (…) a capable man and he could certainly be a very good mayor general (…) It was good and comfortable where I was. I had run twice, there wasn’t such a hassle, political organization (…) but I did not choose what is good, easy and comfortable for me,” said the mayor of District 3, according to Agerpres.

Negoita added that it is his duty to choose what is good for the community.

“Last year, at the elections for the European Parliament, I said very clearly that I will not go to the European Parliament, because I think I have got more to do in Bucharest, but I was first on the list just to show that I support my colleagues from Pro Romania (…) Now, for the Pro Bucharest Alliance, we will both [Ponta and Negoita – ed.n.] candidates, in such a way as to support the project,” said, in his turn, Victor Ponta.

The Pro Romania leader mentioned that the president of the Romanian Society of Microbiology, Alexandru Rafila, informed him that it would be difficult for him to engage in a concrete political project, because he considers that there should be no elections in September, as it would be much too dangerous for public health.

“We want to build an alternative. We have started discussions and we are quite advanced about the district candidates, about our candidates for the General Council, the Local Councils and especially the projects that we support and anyone who is not a prisoner of the PSD-PNL [Social Democratic Party- National Liberal Party, ed.n.] binomial must have an alternative in the Pro Bucharest 2020 Alliance,” said Ponta.

Robert Negoita mentioned that democracy means the right to choose. “In order to be able to exercise this right, we must have a choice (…). This is our goal – to propose an alternative and not only that, we really intend to be different. The mayor in essence, whether he is from a district, or he is the general mayor, he must be a thrifty and hardworking person, from morning to night in the city, on the ground, on the construction site, involved in organization, concerned, not on TV all day,” he said.

Asked by reporters in relation to the fact that the Social Democrats say he should no longer be mayor, Negoita replied: “This is PSD meanness. (…) Let’s go to the spirit of the law, which normally forbids a mayor who won on the list of a party to move from one party to another because it suits him better. I went through very complicated periods with PSD and I did not leave PSD, even if they did not deserve that I stay there (…) I withdrew and I excluded myself from PSD. If I am so bad, why don’t they exclude me from the party? (…) How can they leave District 3 (…) without a mayor? Does that mean responsibility on their part (…)? Or should I be held hostage in the PSD because of this issue? (…) I have stayed until now.”

Ponta believes that the PSD representatives should ask themselves why good mayors want to leave PSD. Ponta mentioned that the mayor of Bacau has been with Pro Romania for over a year, he has waiting for the document stating that he has been expelled from PSD and hasn’t received it, that the mayor of Slobozia is also waiting for the document, and recently the mayor of Giurgiu said he will join Pro Romania.

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