Bucharest Mayor Firea: Pro Bucharest 2020 Alliance plays the PNL and USR’s game

Bucharest General Mayor Gabriela Firea stated, on Sunday evening, that the Pro Bucharest 2020 Alliance is one of evil and that it plays to the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Save Romania Union (USR).

“It is an alliance of evil, because they together want to kill candidate Gabriela Firea, General Mayor Gabriela Firea and if they do not succeed, they at least contribute to my destabilization and to a great service to the other candidate. They are playing the PNL and USR’s game,” said Firea, at private TV broadcaster Antena 3.

She stated that it is an alliance between two people who do not respect each other.

“When you’re a deputy from Teleorman (southern County, ed. n.) and the PSD [Social Democratic Party] and twice Bucharest PSD mayor and play the game of the PNL in Bucharest, who voted against both in the General Council, as well as in the local councils in the districts, is a betrayal of the citizens firstly, and Mr. Ponta is not shy to say in these televised appearances that all those discontent in the PNL should go to the USR, so he’s campaigning for the USR. Just the same, Robert Negoita says that those discontent in the PSD should join him. Firstly not everyone betrays, not everyone reorients themselves depending on events (…) when I found out these days that amongst other things they filed a criminal complaint on my General Mayor name, Gabriela Firea, for deeds that occurred long before I became General Mayor, for some lands returned in District 3, I can tell you honestly that I asked myself how I could be so naive to believe in this friendship,” said Firea.

The General Mayor also said that the censure motion will be submitted at the end of August.

Not last, Firea stated that the parasite companies that had contracts with the Municipality before she was General Mayor have allied themselves against her.

“I cannot ignore certain signals that I’m receiving, certain things I construe, the fact that I’m told more and more often that the 4-5 parasite companies that had only for themselves contracts for 15-20 years at the City Hall before I came along and who had very high tariffs and prices (…) and which I removed, establishing those few municipal companies that belong to Bucharesters and who work for Bucharesters at reduced rates (…) They allied themselves against me, they are financing campaigns against me and are also financing political people – the 4-5 companies that lost the contracts with the Bucharest City Hall when I came (…) so they could take revenge on me and try to impose another mayor and they’re financing not only campaigns against me, but also stakeouts,” said Gabriela Firea, according to Agerpres.


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