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May 27, 2022

AEP Chairman: Preparations for the local elections scheduled for September 27, start on Wednesday

The preparations for this year’s local elections scheduled for September 27, start on Wednesday, Chairman of the Standing Electoral Authority (AEP) Constantin-Florin Mituletu-Buica announced on Monday.

“Starting the day after tomorrow, [July] 29, the pre-electoral period begins when all the parties that want to compete as well as the independent candidates can register their financial agents, open and declare their accounts to the Standing Electoral Authority. On [August] 8, local constituency offices will be set up (…) from [August] 7, the bids can be submitted to the constituency offices, so as to make sure that all things will work under normal circumstances. We cannot call them quite normal circumstances, because we are still in the middle of a pandemic, in a state of alert,” Mituletu-Buica told a virtual public debate organised by AEP on the financing of the electoral campaign for the local elections.

He mentioned that some places are under lockdown. “Fortunately the quarantined areas should get out of quarantined in 14 days, (…) right before the constituency offices are set up on [August] 7, meaning there should be no problems with conducting the electoral process in those electoral districts where the state of local quarantine is declared by order of Mr Arafat,” added the head of AEP, according to Agerpres.

According to a press statement released by AEP on Monday, the main landmarks in the pre-electoral and electoral period are the following:


* August 2 – the Central Electoral Bureau is set up;


* August 7 – 11 – electoral alliances have to get registered;


* August 7 – 18 – bids are submitted;


* August 8 – constituency electoral offices are set up;


* August 24 – bids are declared final;


* September 22 – ballot papers are printed, chairs and deputies of the electoral bureaus of the polling stations are appointed by computerised draw of lots;


* September 26, 07:00 – electioneering ends;


* September 27, 07:00 – voting begins;


* September 27, 21.00 – voting ends.

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