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January 31, 2023

National Anthem Day marked through solemn ceremony organized by the Ministry of Defence

The Day of the National Anthem was marked, on Wednesday, through a public ceremony organized by the Ministry of Defence in front of the Palace of the Military Circle which was attended by Prime Minister Ludovic Orban.

Prime Minister Ludoivc Orban showed that the National Anthem is one of the national symbols enshrined in the Constitution.

“The Day of the National Anthem makes us think of all the crossroad moments of post-1848 history in which ‘Awaken thee, Romanian!’ animated our forebearers through its mobilizing lyrics in the War of Independence in 1877, in both world wars. In the recent history of Romania the same happened, during the anticommunist Revolution of December 1989, at the beginning of demonstrations at the start of 2017, on August 10, 2018 in Victoria Square, when Romanians opposed themselves to the attempts of interests in the political sphere to amend the Justice laws to the detriment of democracy and rule of law. The message of unity and courage of our National Anthem will always give us the strength to maintain our direction to the future we desire – a safe, modern Romania with prosperous citizens, a Romania attached to Euro-Atlantic values, a Romania appreciated by foreign partners and the rest of the world,” said Orban, according to Agerpres.

On this occasion, President Klaus Iohannis sent a message in which he showed that “Awaken thee, Romanian!” represents the essence of the values and ideals of the Romanian people.

“The National Anthem of Romania has an important role in maintaining the hope of Romanians for freedom, crowning their great victory, glorifying the heroes of the country. We live in a modern and democratic Romania that kept its pro-European path and which has consolidated its role within NATO, the main guarantor of our security. We are going through a period profoundly marked by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, with significant effects on several dimensions both at the national, as well as the global level and which has imposed a radical change of the way in which we live our lives. Today, more than ever, the message of the National Anthem continues to be as strong and motivating, as it inspires us and urges us to dedicate ourselves to building a powerful and prosperous country, which can manage as good as possible the crisis situations on all corridors. I express hope that the appeal to national unity and national solidarity sent by the anthem’s lyrics will coagulate the efforts of all citizens and the institutions to collaborate for the development and affirmation of the country,” said Iohannis in the message sent by state adviser Mihai Somordolea.

The head of state emphasizes in his message the duty to educate the young generations in the spirit of the values sent by the anthem’s lyrics.



Defense Minister: National Anthem belongs to the fatherland and to each of us


The National Anthem is part of the servicepeople’s life, along with the oath of allegiance to the homeland and the people, the National Anthem belongs to the fatherland and to each of us, says Minister of National Defense Nicolae Ciuca.

“The Fatherland, the People and the Army need symbols. … Symbols that have a soul through the feelings and aspirations of our forefathers, symbols we find ourselves in all the time, but especially when we are filled and overwhelmed by the pride of being Romanians. The Anthem and the Flag represent us as a nation before the entire world, that’s why I think that there is no Romanian who doesn’t quiver in the solemn moments when they hear the National Anthem during public events, when Romanian athletes climb the podium or on any other occasion, when they see the tricolor raised on the mast to the anthem,” the Defense Minister writes in a Facebook message on National Anthem Day.

He reminds that “Awaken thee, Romanian!” has conquered the Romanians’ hearts forever through its profound, hope-instilling and uplifting message.

“Each of us, dear fellow Romanians, is part of the two major symbols of Romania’s statehood and unity, we all and each of us bring life into the Hymn and the Flag. And through the two symbols we are the ones who confer strength and power to the state and the army. The National Anthem belongs to the Fatherland and to each one of us. The National Anthem is part of the servicepeople’s life, starting with the oath of allegiance to the Fatherland and the People. It is played in the opening of any military ceremony, it accompanies them in moments of joy, it follows them all over the world, on missions, exercises and in theaters of operations and accompanies the soldiers fallen in the line of duty on their final trip. Today is a celebration of national consciousness, it’s an opportunity to remember, once again, the values that unite us. Let us be proud of our history, which is referenced and cherished in the lyrics of the National Anthem, one of the major symbols of the Romanian state and people. ‘Awaken thee, Romanian!’ has traveled along the people and the army the main turning points in Romania’s modern and contemporary history,” Nicolae Ciuca writes.

Photo: www.mapn.ro

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