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April 17, 2021

Iohannis accuses PSD of intentionally creating the health crisis. SocDems retort: After his government lost control of the pandemic, now Iohannis has lost control of reasoning

President Klaus Iohannis said on Thursday that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) had deliberately created a health crisis as they were dissatisfied with what he called the successes of the National Liberal Party (PNL) government.

“PSD, dissatisfied with the successes of the PNL Government, wanted to create a health crisis in order to get a reason to criticise the government. PSD doesn’t care that thousands of Romanians have got sick, that hundreds of Romanians have died, what was important to PSD was to create a crisis to have something to criticise the government for. That is PSD, that is the explanation,” Iohannis told a news briefing at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace.

He said new data on the number of people infected with SARS-CoV-2 and deaths was “a new, extremely worrying negative record,” adding that the question is how this situation was created.

The chief of state explained that under the state of emergency – when in Western Europe there were, unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of cases, tens of thousands of deaths – there was an epidemic with deaths, but a “very limited” number in Romania. He said things had gone well until a few weeks ago, when the Social Democrats sought “solutions for the PSD” by postponing the legislation.

Iohannis added that, given the situation, the laws were taken from the hands of the government for almost three weeks.


“We need very firm measures; those who do not comply with rules to be sanctioned”


President Klaus Iohannis also said on Thursday that, in the current epidemiological context, very firm measures are needed and stressed that those who do not comply with the rules will be sanctioned.

“We need very firm measures. I rely on you, dear Romanians, to respect these norms, and those who do not respect them will bear the rigors of the law,” the head of state said in a statement at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace.

Iohannis had a meeting on measures to manage the COVID-19 epidemic with Interior Minister Marcel Vela, Head of the Department for Emergency Situations Raed Arafat, and senior official with the Interior Ministry Bogdan Despescu.


PSD’s Romascanu: After his government lost control of the pandemic, now Iohannis has lost control of reasoning


Spokesman for the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Lucian Romascanu said on Thursday that the government has lost control over the COVID-19 pandemic and President Klaus Iohannis blamed PSD.

“Mr Iohannis is lying, as he did yesterday. After his government lost control of the pandemic, now Iohannis has lost control of reasoning. He had an uncontrolled outburst on television, extremely nervous, after the disaster of yesterday’s news conference, where everybody criticised him. The whole of Romania is tired of hearing the same broken record – PSD is to blame. We are sick and tired of hearing that more than nine months after he installed his government, others are guilty. To be clear: the blame lies with Iohannis and the National Liberal Party (PNL) government. (…) The PNL government has lost control of the pandemic. The incompetent and criminal government is to blame for this unprecedented crisis,” Romascanu said at PSD headquarters.

He added that the “second lie” of the president regards to the timing of the tabling and voting of the law on quarantine and isolation.

“The government was supposed to send the law on quarantine and isolation immediately after June 25, when the Constitutional Court ruled. (…) The law was sent to Parliament only on July 6, and it reached Parliament on July 7. In less than 48 hours, it was adopted by the Chamber of Deputies (…) President Iohannis himself said that there was need for debate on the law, all the more so as the law sent by the government was a law of abuses, which the Senate righted,” he said, according to Agerpres.

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