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April 11, 2021

British Ambassador to Romania: I am extremely proud of DS Smith – the country’s largest recycled paper and packaging manufacturer

DS Smith, a leading sustainable packaging company, recently welcomed British Ambassador to Romania Andrew Noble at the production units operated in Zărnești and Ghimbav, Brașov county.

As part of the event, His Excellency was given a guided tour of both sites where the management team presented an overview of operations. The visit showcased the latest innovations in paper making and sustainable packaging design & production at Zărnești and Ghimbav respectively, a press release issued by the British Embassy informs.

On his visit to DS Smith the Ambassador was joined by the Mayor of Zărnești, Mr. Alexandru Lucian Igrișan, and Mayor of Ghimbav, Mr. Dorel Toma. The DS Smith team provided the delegation with a deeper insight into the paper and packaging industry, as well as a closer look on the importance of the two sites to the local economy.

The paper mill in Zărnești, part of DS Smith portfolio since 2018, is the largest of its kind in Romania, accounting for almost half of the domestic paper demand. Raw material is fully sourced from recycled paper – a key contributor in helping Romania work towards European targets in terms of recycling paper and cardboard packaging.

DS Smith operates a closed loop recycling process in Romania. The used paper and card collected by its recycling operations is turned into recycled packaging papers at Zărnești Mill and then sent to DS Smith packaging in Ghimbav and Timisoara to be manufactured into new packaging products.

Marius Juncanariu, Director, DS Smith Zărnești said: ˮDS Smith Zărnești preserves today the valuable paper making tradition of our region. We are proud to have this rich history as a solid foundation and will continue to work, bringing our contribution to the economic development of our region. The visit of His Excellency reconfirms the importance of our activity and we were honoured to present him the technology, the local relevance of this facility and our commitment for the future. ˮ

The DS Smith Packaging Plant at Ghimbav produces corrugated cardboard products, essential to ensure adequate shipment, storage and sales of critical goods such as food or pharmaceuticals. As one of the biggest suppliers to the growing ecommerce segment, and with considerable design expertise, Ghimbav aims to provide tailormade innovative packaging solutions that minimize environmental impact.

Remus Crăciun, General Manager, DS Smith Ghimbav commented: ˮDS Smith is a mature company, with a steady vision on sustainability, yet we are always looking for ways to further improve our products and bring our contribution to shaping a circular economy. It was a tremendous opportunity to have Ambassador Andrew Noble on site and discuss about the local approach to a global challenge.”

At the end of the visit, Ambassador Andrew Noble expressed his appreciation towards the activity carried by DS Smith in Brașov county and in Romania at large, with sustainability being one of the key topics on the agenda of our decade.

Ambassador Andrew Noble added : ˮ I am extremely proud of DS Smith – the country’s largest recycled paper and packaging manufacturer. The company has been actively engaged in supporting local economies and communities, but also in promoting sustainability. It is a much-needed contribution, given that environment protection is a key topic on today’s international agenda. Based on the discussions we have had, I am confident that the activity carried here will play a significant role in achieving Romania’s recycling targets”.

DS Smith’s operations in Romania comprises of a recycling head office in Bucharest, two recycling depots in Otopeni and Cluj Napoca, a paper mill in Zărnești, two packaging production units in Ghimbav and Timișoara and three service centers in Pitești, Timișoara and Otopeni, employing in total over 650 people.

The visits of the Ambassador and local Mayors reinforces the importance of our operations in Romania and highlights our commitment to sustainability in production and innovations in packaging.

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