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January 17, 2022

PM Orban: Schools to be reopened depending on the development of the epidemic. PSD, party with least legitimacy to file censure motion, it’s politicizing

National Liberal Party (PNL) leader Prime Minister Ludovic Orban on Monday stated that the government is analyzing the possibility to reopen the schools once with the beginning with the new school year while preparing at the same time “for any scenario.”

“Schools will be reopened depending on the development of the epidemic. There is an interministerial working group coordinated by Deputy PM Raluca Turcan that is carrying out serious analyses – checks the infrastructure, the teaching staff, the possible distribution of pupils in classrooms, it studies the systems, including the mixed system. We are doing a comprehensive analysis because we cannot foresee today what will happen with the epidemic by then. We must be prepared for any scenario,” Orban said at the PNL headquarters, according to Agerpres.

He showed that an actual decision in this respect will be made when all the necessary data are available.


Analysis of increase in state pension computation point to end this week, says PM


Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said on Monday that this week an analysis of the increase in the state pension computation point would be completed.

“The objective of the Government I lead is to increase pensions, but the increase will be based on an extremely serious analysis. It is the report on the state of the economy and the budget, the six-month report to be presented by the Ministry of Finance, according to the law of budget and finance accountability. Also, the second element of analysis is the forecasts that will be made on the one hand by the forecast board, which is subordinated to the Government and on the other hand the economic development forecasts. (…) Depending on the developments, we will determine the percentage by which we will increase. (…) We want to increase pensions, but the raise should be sustainable not just this year, but in the following years as well,” Orban said at the National Liberal Party (PNL) headquarters.

He pointed out that the increase in the minimum pension is also being taken into account. “We also want for the minimum state pensions, the so-called social pensions, to have the same percentage increase in equal to the percentage by which the pension point will increase,” Orban also stated.

The prime minister added that he did not yet have an opinion on the percentage by which pensions should be increased, as he was waiting for analyses, impact studies and forecasts.


We will most probably grant additional resources to Transport, Development, Health and Education ministries


PNL  head Prime Minister Ludovic Orban on Monday stated that, most probably, the budgetary rectification that will take place later this month will bring additional money to the ministries of Transport, Development, Health and Education.

“The Ministry of Finance has already started the dialogue and analysis on the budgetary execution, on the needs that the ministries have in supporting their expenditures. We will definitely increase the amounts for investments, especially for investments in infrastructure, be it transport, health, education or local infrastructure. Most probably, we will give additional amounts where it is most needed, namely to the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Public Works, Development and Administration, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health,” Orban also said at the headquarters of the PNL.


PSD, party with least legitimacy to file censure motion, it’s politicizing


The leader of the National Liberal Party (ruling PNL), Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said on Monday that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) is “the party with the least legitimacy to submit a censure motion at the moment”, claiming that this is a “politicizing”, “electoral” gesture and has no solid motivation behind it”.

“Romania, like many other European countries, like many other countries in the world, is facing an epidemiological crisis, a pandemic. It also faces a related economic crisis. In addition, in Romania we had drought, we had floods. The message I am sending is that it takes a Government vested with all its powers, which has the capacity to counter and find solutions to the serious problems that are caused by the crises that have overlapped. To come and file a censure motion at the moment against a Government that has done its duty seems to me a political gesture that has no solid motivation behind it and the gesture is simply electoral before the local elections to probably show the militants that the PSD is doing something. I believe that the party that has the least legitimacy to submit a censure motion at the moment is the PSD. At the moment I consider this inopportune and against the interest that Romania and every single Romanian have for there to be a responsible Government to deal effectively with solving the crisis,” Orban said at the PNL headquarters.

He added that, after the motion is tabled, the PNL will discuss with all parliamentary formations, with each parliamentarian individually to explain to them that the dismissal of the Government would “hurt Romania”.

The PSD’s Acting chairman, Marcel Ciolacu, announced last Thursday that the Social Democrats had decided to file a censure motion against the Orban Government this August.

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