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April 17, 2021

2 years since August 10 violent rally: CAB debates DIICOT’s request to reopen the investigation against the heads of the Gendarmerie

MEP Dacian Ciolos : August 10 and the file case related to the violence that day is a wound


The order and discipline that many people dream of cannot be obtained with aggression and fines, they are built on trust and respect for the truth; or, until today, the Romanian state and its institutions are at fault in terms of recognizing the truth behind the August 10 violence, considers the Liberty, Unity, Solidarity Party (PLUS) leader, MEP Dacian Ciolos.

According to him, “a society that lets its wounds bleed is a society prone to traumatic infections.”

“A society divided by internal conflicts is easy prey for conspiracies and manipulations of the lowest kind. August 10 and the file case related to the attacks that day is such a wound. And it is not the first case with a painful emotional load. We have similar situations in the case of the ‘Revolution’ or the ‘Miners’ Rampage’ case. The attacks on society and on its citizens that we are not trying to close by uncovering the truth and by establishing a verdict beyond any doubt leave deep scars that cannot be overcome,” Ciolos wrote on Facebook on Monday.

In his opinion, “the prosecutors and magistrates who are involved in this specific case, as well as those who are still working on controversial cases in the recent history of Romania, should not be subjected to any pressure from the political class.”

“I have seen this temptation in many ways, in some cases even with good intentions. I don’t think it helps, it just alters the end result. I would like to ask you to refrain from putting pressure, but let’s not forget that in these cases justice is obliged to go all the way through, because it has a healing role. It is a very good time for justice to express its independence from politics, from the classic way of allowing symbolic interferences and pressures. We can build together a new kind of relationship in which the politician respects the work and the effort of justice knowing as clearly as possible that they will never be allowed to put pressure or intervene, regardless of the pretext under which they are interested in doing so. Ultimately, the victims and assailants are all Romanian citizens, and the lack of an honest conclusion, of identifying and punishing the guilty will not remain without negative effects on everyone,” Dacian Ciolos underlines.

The PLUS leader also says that “the permanence of these wounds contributes as decisively as possible to a state of mistrust within the Romanian society”.

“A state that allows abused and disappointed citizens to lose confidence in the state and its institutions and to resort to whatever means they have at hand to protect themselves. The order and discipline that many people dream of cannot be obtained with aggression and fines. They are built on trust and respect for the truth. Or, to this day, the Romanian state and its institutions are at fault in terms of recognizing the truth behind the August 10 violence,” the MEP concluded.

The Bucharest Court of Appeal (CAB) will debate, on Monday, the Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) request to reopen the investigation against the heads of the Gendarmerie in the ‘August 10’ rally case.


Nicusor Dan: Truth about August 10 events, including mayor Firea’s complicity, must be found out


Justice must find out the truth, including about Bucharest mayor Gabriela Firea’s complicity in the repression of the August 10 rally and the “subsequent cover-up attempts”, deputy Nicusor Dan, who is seeking office as Bucharest mayor, wrote on Facebook on Monday.

“August 10 showed that repression is ingrained in the nature of the Social Democratic Party – PSD. On August 10, illegalities were committed, the Romanians’ democratic rights were violated, and the legal system must do justice and find out the truth. Including the truth about Gabriela Firea’s complicity in the repression on that day and the subsequent cover-up attempts: her personal involvement, the involvement of the former prefect of the Capital Speranta Cliseru, a personal adviser to Firea, the involvement of PSD deputy mayor Aurelian Badulescu. In the last two years I have never heard PSD mayor Gabriela Firea apologizing to the Bucharesters who were beaten and tear gassed on August 10 in the city where she was and still is a mayor,” Dan wrote.

He accuses Firea of “remaining faithful to the PSD caste spirit characterized by aggression, conspiracy mentality, unbending defense” of positions and privileges.

Nicusor Dan adds that the August 10 rally “has even more deepened the rupture” between PSD and Romanian society, between the “arrogance of the PSD political leaders” and the civic spirit of the Romanians who took to the streets to protest “against the attacks on Justice, against the destruction of the country,” noting that the message of those who took to the streets two years ago is the same today, even if the PSD has been partially removed from power.

“The PSD is still in control in Bucharest, and the people of Bucharest must remember every day what PSD has done when it tried to stifle the voice of the Bucharesters, resorting also to violence. On August 10, 2018 people were able to see the essence PSD regime: violence. Physical, verbal and political violence against those who think differently. The violence ordered then by the Dragnea regime (which also included the leader of PSD Bucharest, Gabriela Firea) clearly showed that the communist mentality and the spirit of the miners’ rampages are still alive in this party, and that the democratic principles have never really been accepted,” Dan said.


Deputy PM Turcan calls August 10, 2018 unhealed wound of Romanian democracy


Deputy Prime Minister Raluca Turcan said on Monday that August 10, 2018 represents an “unhealed wound of the recent Romanian democracy,” showing that she is waiting for justice to clarify things in the case.

“August 10, 2018 is an unhealed wound of recent Romanian democracy. After the miners’ riots [in 1990 and 1991] , I did not think I would see violently repressed protests in Romania, but the Social Democratic Party (PSD) has managed to turn us back in time, behaving as it knows best: abusively and manipulatively, from the position of someone who should not be contracted. Romanians must not forget what the toxic PSD government means. Justice has shown in time that the place of the PSD leader with dictatorial leanings is behind bars. I expect justice to clarify things in the August 10 case and to send the culprits where they belong. That is exactly why the National Liberal Party (PNL) has declassified the August 10 report and offered all its support for investigating the facts that those in Victoriei Square have not forgotten,” Turcan wrote on Monday on Facebook.

She pointed out that violent repression of civil rights must be punished.

“Justice will have its say, and August 10 will go down in history, because Romanian society must never again live through such abuses. Violent repression of citizens’ rights must be punished! That will restore people’s confidence in democracy and public institutions. The recent decision to reopen the August 10 case is a step in the right direction that I and the entire society have welcomed, especially the victims of the violence of two years ago. I am with these people and I support their right to truth and justice! Not only today, when the subject is on everyone’s mind. Democratic and political maturation means particularly democratic institutions that work independently and freely, with the PNL government being the guarantee of this fact,” wrote Turcan.


USR’s Barna: “August 10 rally” case is a hot potato, truth remains undiscovered


Each day the truth about the ‘August 10 rally’ case remains undiscovered is a day lost for the honor of the Romanian state, considers Chairman of the Save Romania Union (USR) Dan Barna.

“Today, two years later, we still don’t know the truth about that day’s intervention. Although there are hundreds of complaints of the victims and thousands of minutes of footage documenting the authorities’ heavy-handed intervention, we still don’t have clear answers. The ‘August 10’ case has become a sort of hot potato that is being passed around in hopes that that day will be forgotten. But we do not forget. And the Romanian judiciary must know that each day the truth about the ‘August 10 rally’ case remains undiscovered is a day lost for the honor of the Romanian state. The Dragnea regime will continue to live in the shadows as long as those who have made it possible, who have supported it and who are now covering its deeds continue to be part of the state. Truth alone can mark the final breakup with that government,” Barna wrote on Facebook.

He went on to note that two years ago on August 10 he was in Victoriei Square with fellow party members and volunteers, collecting signatures for the “No convicts in public office” initiative.

“I saw several things then. The first was the fantastic mobilization of the Romanians from the diaspora and in the country against an authoritarian regime whose sole purpose was to amass power and plunder the country’s resources. Then I saw how Liviu Dragnea and his accomplices did not hesitate to cynically and intentionally use violence against peaceful citizens,” Barna said.

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