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April 10, 2021

Deutsche Telekom, Telekom Romania and Billie Eilish shine a light on Gen Z Tech Positivity

  • Today we celebrate the International Youth Day and launch in Romania, together with Deutsche Telekom, the #WHATWEDONEXT campaign through which we aim to recognize the initiatives of young people everywhere in political, economic and social life processes

  • Deutsche Telekom partners with five-time GRAMMY award winner to spread a message of digital optimism in a world impacted by COVID-19 crisis, through the lens of the world’s first true generation of digital natives
  • Research by Deutsche Telekom reveals that Gen Z showed a high level of optimism for the potential that technology can offer
  • Billie Eilish, Deutsche Telekom and Telekom Romania kick-start social conversation around Gen Z’s vision for the future using the hashtag #WhatWeDoNext

Together with five-time GRAMMY award winner Billie Eilish, Deutsche Telekom aims to spread a message of digital optimism in a world impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. With its new #WhatWeDoNext campaign, Deutsche Telekom will shine a light on the inspirational ways in which the world’s first true generation of digital natives, are using connected technology to benefit not only their own generation, but also society as a whole, a press statement issued by Telekom Romania in Wednesday reveals.

Telekom Romania welcomes Deutsche Telekom’s initiative and supports young people in Romania who contribute to society.

“We are a generation with so much potential; to create, to collaborate, to communicate, and to make a difference. We’re already doing so many amazing things and we’re only just getting started.” commented Billie Eilish.

Deutsche Telekom believes that Life is For Sharing. Now more than ever, facilitating equal participation in social, economic and cultural life is a key focus for the brand.

“We want to provide Gen Z with a voice and a platform from which to demonstrate how they are harnessing the power of connected technology to make a real difference.” explains Wolfgang Kampbartold, VP International Market Communications at Deutsche Telekom. “In collaborating with Billie and our team of young people, we are shining a light on the incredible potential of this generation, as they navigate a new future.”

Research released by Deutsche Telekom shows that prior to the COVID-19 crisis, young Europeans aged 16-26 showed a high level of optimism for the potential that technology can offer. In Germany, 84% of young people surveyed said that connected technology allows them to connect with online communities through shared passions. 83% said that social media plays an important role in standing up to injustice. Even before schools and colleges were forced to move online, 90% said that they felt that connected technology could be a useful tool for learning and education. Yet at the same time, 72% felt that their use of connected technology contributed to a lack of understanding of their generation.

As all generations experience a new appreciation for the practical and societal benefits of connected technologies, Deutsche Telekom aims to foster this sense of digital optimism, shining a light on how Gen Z is using connected technology.

The international campaign launches today with a film featuring Billie Eilish and a host of inspirational Gen Z contributors with real stories to tell. Directed by Vincent Haycock, the film celebrates the incredible things young people are doing today with a powerful message delivered by the voice of the generation, Billie Eilish. We see how this generation are challenging negative perceptions around their use of technology, showing how they are using it to affect the things they really care about, from campaigning for climate change, championing equality, creativity and even cyber security.

Challenging the notion that they are simply screen obsessed, this film kick starts Deutsche Telekom’s mission to support this generation as they find their way in a new world.

As an entire generation with a revolutionary perspective seeks to affirm themselves in the most creative ways, Telekom Romania encourages young people to fulfil their dreams, to make their ideas heard, without limits, online and facilitates their access to the digital world with the Mobile Unlimited 2 in 1 offer, with multiple benefits: unlimited net 4G, minutes and national SMS.

More information about the 2 in 1 Unlimited Mobile offer:


Through its highly successful music platform, Telekom Electronic Beats, Deutsche Telekom will continue to fuel the #WhatWeDoNext conversation, providing a platform for real Gen Z stories.

To view the film and more information on the campaign: www.electronicbeats.net



Research source:

The research was made in November/December 2019 by Kantar, Munich on behalf of Deutsche Telekom, on a sample size of young people aged from 16 to 26 years were interviewed.


Further information for the media at:






Campaign Credits:

Creation: Saatchi & Saatchi, London

Film Production: Somesuch, (LA Shoot: Somesuch LA, Poland Shoot: Papaya Films)

Director: Vincent Haycock, Los Angeles, Kalifornien

Music: ‘When the party’s over’ by Billie Eilish & Finneas Baird O’Connell

Media: emetriq Hamburg, WPP Team Magenta, Düsseldorf

PR: Proud Robinson + Partners

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