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October 25, 2021

PNL’s Turcan accuses PSD of undermining “any efforts by doctors and authorities to fight against the pandemic”

Deputy Prime Minister Raluca Turcan of the National Liberal Party (PNL) on Wednesday said the Social Democratic Party (PSD) was “the only party in the European Union to ally with the COVID pandemic” accusing it of “undermining any efforts by doctors and authorities to fight against the pandemic.”

“PSD is the only party in the European Union that has allied itself with the COVID pandemic: it undermines any effort by doctors and authorities to fight the pandemic. Why is it more interested in party elections than in the work it could do in Parliament for Romanians? In July, PSD left the government without a legal lever to control the spread of the virus for two weeks. The PSD-dominated parliament inadmissibly delayed the adoption of the new quarantine law proposed by the government. After leaving the country completely uncovered to face an unprecedented crisis, today PSD is attacking the PNL government speaking of ‘incompetence and ‘corruption’. Our message is clear: any suspicion of corruption should go to DNA [the National Anti-Corruption Directorate]!!! PNL will not change laws, it will not block judicial institutions, on the contrary!” Turcan wrote Wednesday in a Facebook post.

She added that because of the PSD governments Romania went into the crisis with 3 billion lei overdue to the single healthcare fund, zero medicine stockpiles, and a general government deficit of 4.6% of GDP.

Turcan mentioned that the PNL government managed to increase the testing capacity to 30,000 tests per day, to invest 5.4 billion lei in health and attract 2.8 billion euros in European funds.

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