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December 9, 2021

Museum Quest, a new cultural project by Trapped Escape Room, presents an interactive treasure hunt in 3 museums in Bucharest

  • The interest and need for Romanians for recreational activities has increased considerably lately
  • A cultural project that promotes outdoor activities in a national museum brings the public closer to national values and heritage
  • The cultural project co-financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund presents a unique educational and recreational activities for all age segments and a dynamic alternative for exploring museums in Bucharest

A new cultural initiative is launched in Bucharest in the summer of 2020: Museum Quest is a new cultural project on the Romanian market which was born from the desire to create a dynamic and interactive alternative to the visit of a museum.

This cultural recreational project consists of a ’’treasure hunt’’, which will take place in small teams and it will be held in 3 of the largest museums of Bucharest: The National Museum of the Village ’’Dimitrie Gusti’’, The Military Museum ’’King Ferdinand I’’ and The National Museum of Romanian History.

’’Given that we are veterans on the escape room market in Bucharest, we were able to notice the growing need of the public for various recreational activities. Therefore, we decided to lay the foundations of Museum Quest, so that the new product offered brings the public closer to the culture, by rediscovering the museum heritage in a unique way’’, said Cătălina Stanciu, co-organizer of Museum Quest.

Those who want to take part in Museum Quest events will be able to book the day and the museum they want to visit, using the www.trapped.ro platform. In the Museum Quest game, teams of 4 to 6 people of all ages will be able to participate and they will be given a series of missions that they will have to complete in 90 minutes. Competitors will be able to use the scientific and cultural information specific to the museum, as well as their general knowledge, their own intuition and teamwork. Each participating team will have at their disposal an Explorer Kit that will help them solve the mystery.

’’Through this cultural project, we aim to bring a new perspective on the partner museums, promoting the Romanian cultural space and bringing the general public closer to national values. We are convinced that such an interactive cultural product can become a constant recreational activity on the Romanian market and a fun alternative for spending free time’’, said Cătălina Nica, co-organizer of Museum Quest.

This cultural project is co-financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund which joins the promotion of the Romanian cultural space through interactive events of knowledge and awareness of the Romanian cultural heritage.


About Museum Quest by Trapped


Museum Quest is a cultural project organised by TRAPPED that will take place between July and October 2020, in 3 museums in Bucharest. The project is co-financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund and arose from the need for a dynamic and interactive alternative to visiting a museum. The project aims to bring the general public closer to national values and to bring a new perspective on national museums by promoting the Romanian cultural space.

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