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August 8, 2022

PM Orban: We won’t be able to increase teaching staff’s salaries because of economic situation. Pensions to increase by 14 pct

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said on Friday that the budget situation does not allow for an increase in the teaching staff’s salaries.

“The fact that we cannot afford to increase the teaching staff’s salaries from September 1 is due to the budgetary situation. I am convinced that many teachers will understand this because, in such periods, we must all be an example and show that “whenever the economic situation and the budgetary situation allow us, we will allocate the budgetary resources to the teaching staff, so that they have the deserved income according to the activity,” said Orban, at the beginning of the Government meeting.

He said he always respected teachers.

“Unfortunately, some people who are not paying that much attention to my statements have tried to misinterpret a statement of mine. I have always respected teachers. After my parents, they were the people whom I loved and I respected the most and who contributed to my formation, and I always respected them,” the Prime Minister said, according to Agerpres.


Police and Gendarmerie must strengthen fight against criminal groups


Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said on Friday that the Police and Gendarmerie must intensify, “without hesitation”, the fight against criminal networks.

“Minister Vela, (…) I want to encourage you to urge the Police and the Gendarmerie to strengthen the fight against criminal networks, without hesitation and with zero tolerance,” said Orban, at the beginning of the Government meeting.

“We are keeping an eye on them,” Interior Minister Marcel Vela replied.

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban has called for a “very serious” assessment at the level of police stations and the replacement of bosses who do not take action against criminal networks.

“You must ensure a good collaboration with all the institutional factors that are involved in this effort, both from the effective knowledge of the criminal groups, and the collaboration with the Justice, with the prosecutors, with the courts, so that we are extremely efficient in any intervention, and where there are police chiefs and you can know that they are not taking action against these criminal networks, they must be changed immediately,” he said.

The interior minister said several checks had been launched.

“Even at the level of the Municipality of Bucharest, the Control Body of the Minister is sent to clarify some aspects that have been highlighted in the last period,” Marcel Vela mentioned.


500,000 laptops, tablets to be refunded from European funds under Gov’t decision


The Ministry of European Funds will come up with an emergency ordinance to refund approximately 500,000 laptops and tablets from European funds for local public administrations, Deputy Prime Minister Raluca Turcan announced on Friday at a government meeting.

“Prime Minister, my fellow ministers, at today’s meeting, will be able to debate several bills. The Ministry of European Funds will put forth an emergency ordinance to refund approximately 500,000 laptops and tablets from European funds for local public administration valued at 100 million euros,” said Turcan, responding to a prime minister’s question on the latest developments in the pieces of legislation for the preparation of the new school year.


Pensions to increase by 14 pct


Prime Minister Ludovic Orban announced Friday that the government will adopt a decision to increase pensions by 14 percent, adding that rising retirement benefits was a “difficult decision”, but that the Executive commits to this measure and provides guarantees that the amounts will be effectively paid.

“The health crisis has caused an economic crisis. Despite that – and I say this again – although I know of no other European country to have taken a similar decision, the government will increase pensions by a substantial 14 percent. It is an extremely large rise, which we commit to be able to finance, both next year and in the years to come. As far as subsequent increases are concerned, any other decision on this matter will be made only based on extremely serious economic analyses. Let me remind you that Romania needs access to financing with minimal costs in order to ensure the necessary financial resources for covering the expenses of the state budget, the pension budget, the unemployment budget and other budget categories,” the Premier said in southern Craiova.

The head of the government urged pensioners to understand that an increase percentage higher than 14 is impossible at this time, and pointed out that “any increase in pensions that does not take into account the evolution of the economy and the effective capacity of the economy to sustain such growth will backfire not only against our parents and grandparents, but also against the general interest of the Romanian society.”

Orban also showed that budget revenues are by almost 30 billion lei less compared to the figure provided for in the 2020 State Budget Law.


Economy is on the rebound


Prime minister Ludovic Orban said on Friday in southern Craiova that Romania’s economy “is on the rebound”, showing that data published by the National Statistics Institute (INS), according to which the economy registered a decline of 12.3 pct in the second quarter of this year compared to the first quarter, are better than the pessimistic forecasts made by economists.

Ludovic Orban said that “the recovery trend of the Romanian economy was visible since June and this economic rebound continued in July”.

The prime minister noted that the objective of the government he leads is to reduce the economic contraction to the maximum by stimulating economic bounce back in all areas”.

“Our paramount objective is to minimise economic contraction during this year by stimulating the economic bounce back in all areas. If you look at the data for June, you will find that we are third in the EU by the increase in industrial production. Also, if you look at investment, you will see that in the first half of 2020, although, I repeat, Romania was most affected by the economic crisis in the second quarter, the government made the largest investments in the last ten years, investments worth 20 billion. All these efforts that we have made will bear fruit and allow a rebound of the economy and then a very strong economic relaunch,” Ludovic Orban concluded.

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