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October 3, 2022

PM Orban says Gov’t to notify CCR in the event PSD repeals 14pct pension increase in Parliament

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said that the Government will notify the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) in the event that PSD (Social Democratic Party) repeals in Parliament the article in the GEO on budget rectification regarding the increase of the pension point by 14 per cent.

“We have made a difficult decision. Increasing the pension point by 14 per cent and the social pensions by the same percentage, and we are talking about one million social pensions, from 704 to 800, was an extremely difficult decision. We had to calculate, analyze, make evaluations, and this is the maximum possible. Any higher growth we will not be able to sustain. It will turn against Romania. In the end, it would turn against every pensioner,” Ludovic Orban stated on Monday at the PNL (National Liberal Party) headquarters.

He pointed out that “PSD is still living back in 2016”, when asked how he sees the announcement of the Social Democrats, according to which they will “drastically” fine in the Parliament the emergency ordinance regarding the budget rectification.

“The population’s opinions have changed radically. The world no longer supports all the populist gargle of PSD. Things are very simple, when you make decisions you have to have behind you economic analyzes, forecasts, assessments, impact studies, you have to substantiate any public expenditure depending on clear objectives. (…) Everything we do, we do after a serious analysis, so that we do not generate unsustainable expenses and we can allocate resources to those vital areas that really underlie the subsequent economic recovery of Romania,” said Orban, according to Agerpres.


We’ll ask Parliament to expedite debate of bill allowing hirings in schools


The government will ask Parliament to expedite the debate of the bill that allows the hiring of teachers, non-teaching staff, physicians and school nurses in the educational units where this is necessary, Prime minister Ludovic Orban also announced on Monday.

“We have drafted a bill, we cannot issue emergency ordinances for the amendment of Law 55, but we have drafted a bill to be able to hire teachers, non-teaching staff, school physicians, school nurses, where necessary, in the educational units, because at the present time Law 55 has practically prohibited the filling in of any positions by competition in the public system and, if we need teachers, non-teaching staff, medical staff at the school level, we cannot at the moment hire and here we will even ask Parliament for a prompt debate on this bill,” the prime minister said in a statement to the press.

He recalled that the Government considered in a first read several pieces of legislation related to the start of the school year, including an emergency ordinance (OUG) aimed at allocating EUR 175 million to local authorities and schools for the purchase of tablets, facial masks or disinfectants. Orban expressed hope that the procurement procedure for 250,000 tablets will be completed this week.

“That’s why we have mobilized EUR 175 million additionally, to allow local authorities that have a smaller number of tablets and can make purchases easier than our purchase, at the national level, for tablets and we will settle the tablets’ price that are purchased by the local authorities. We will settle up to 500,000 tablets, in addition to the 250,000 that are the subject of the auction. Also, through a programme from the World Bank, we have 74,000 laptops in the process of purchasing. Sure, they’ll be mostly for the teachers. Also, interactive blackboards, also webcams, we will launch 3D manuals, which will support the form of online learning, where online learning will be needed,” Orban explained.

According to the Prime minister, the Government is also preparing an OUG on the payment of 75 pct of the salary for those parents who have to stay at home with their children in the areas where classes will be suspended.

“We are preparing another emergency ordinance that, where the hours are suspended for a period of time, during which the hours are suspended to continue the measure that we had during the period of the emergency state and that is to pay 75 pct of the salary for a parent so that he/she can stay at home with the child/children, but, I repeat, this measure will be used only where decisions will be taken in the Emergency Committees when the schools are suspended. We are also preparing additional resources for other types of school preparation improvement for the start of the school year,” he said.


We will increase number of intensive care beds at Matei Bals National Institute


Prime Minister Ludovic Orban stated on Monday that the number of intensive care beds at the Matei Bals National Institute for Infectious Diseases will be increased.

“In Bucharest, you know very well we have mobilized. I thank once more the Association ‘Daruieste viata’ (Give life) for the investment made at Elias [Emergency University Hospital], we have mobilized and have managed to put in operation the intensive care beds at ‘Elias’. Furthermore, we will increase the number of beds at ‘Matei Bals’. In this sense I had a discussion with the director of the University Hospital, Dr. Cirstoiu, so he can make available ICU specialists, anesthesiologists, nurses, in order to put in operation the beds that exist, are fitted with everything necessary, only the specialists are missing. Furthermore, you know very well that we have made the decision to turn Witting Hospital into a COVID hospital. In Witting Hospital there are 12 ICU beds currently being outfitted. Here, too, we will increase the number of ICU beds,” showed the Prime Minister in a statement to the press.

He mentioned demarches in view of increasing the ICU capacity both in Brasov, as well as in Cluj or in Iasi.

The Prime Minister showed that the number of beds in hospitals dedicated to patients that have COVID-19 will also increase, including for those patients that do not require ICU.


Orban, on complaint filed by PSD with DNA against Liberals: We are not afraid


Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, PNL’s (National Liberal Party) chairman, said that PSD’s (Social Democratic Party) complaint to the DNA (National Anti-corruption Directorate) regarding the Liberals’ “recruitment” of several Social Democrat mayors are “nonsense”, adding that anti-corruption prosecutors should be very busy with the “multiple thefts” that have been committed by the PSD, instead.

“We are not afraid, we are waiting for the DNA to rule on any issue. And I think that DNA should be very busy with the multiple thefts that have been committed by PSD and that are still committed by PSD, in the way they are carrying out the electoral campaign. And I really find it embarrassing on the part of PSD to talk about this subject, given that, and I give you only one example, in Buzau, the fief of the PSD leader, Marcel Ciolacu, out of 89 mayors, over 80 are PSD’s. In Olt county, the right hand of Mr Ciolacu, where Mr Stanescu rules, out of 114 mayors in office, 100 are from PSD. So it seems to me that rather in the counties dominated by the PSD there is pressure on the mayors to run on behalf of this part,” Ludovic Orban said on Monday as he left the PNL headquarters.

Asked how the Social Democrat mayors came to run on the Liberal lists, Orban said: “You know my opinion, if they are presidents of organizations, well, there have also been mergers by absorption with ALDE (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats) representatives, which have been done later … and a number of mayors have come to us, but you know my opinion on this, I do not encourage this and I never appreciated this phenomenon.”

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