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April 21, 2021

Largest visual arts exhibition to open at the Blue House inside the Brukenthal National Museum

The largest visual arts exhibition in Romania, “Grigore Minea and guests,” opens on Wednesday at the Blue House inside the Brukenthal National Museum, in downtown Sibiu.

“The exhibition ‘Grigorie Minea and the guests’ is the artistic event that positively marks the cultural profile of Sibiu in August of this year, bringing together for a memorable conversation 60 Romanian artists, representatives of Romanian postwar and contemporary art. (…) This fete of sculpture, to which painters and graphic artists are invited, is an event that crowns an extensive artistic activity and a dedicated life of master Grigorie Minea. We are equally glad that his coming to Sibiu means his return home to a city that has been displaying his ‘Victorie’ for more than 30 years, a sculpture located at the entrance to the old town and at a new international gateway of Transylvania and Romania – the Sibiu International Airport. The combination of sculpture and paintings on canvas or on other materials, graphics, watercolors, installations, etc. bring unity and complementarity. The paintings are not some fad but independent ways that complement the art of sculpture as a visual way, incorporating surface, environmental or unique perception concerns in the context of the natural or directed world,” according to the curator of the exhibition, Alexandru Chituta quoted by Agerpres.

The exhibition opens on Wednesday at 11:00hrs, EEST, in the courtyard of Brukenthal Palace and can later be seen in the Blue House throughout September 25.

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