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June 28, 2022

PM Orban: Censure motion seemed rather meant to solve internal issues of the PSD

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban stated, on Sunday, in Gorj, that the censure motion was meant more to resolve the internal issues of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), being submitted “with the back to the citizen” and with the “face towards the political interest” of the Social Democrat.

“Three months before the elections, to submit a censure motion shows the fact that you do not respect democracy and do not understand that ultimately the Government will be the one that Romanians decide during the parliamentary elections that will take place on December 6. (…) This censure motion came from nowhere, seemed more like a censure motion meant to solve the internal problems of the PSD and was a censure motion submitted with the back to the citizen and towards the political interest of the PSD,” said Orban, at the end of a working visit in Gorj County.

The Prime Minister explained that both him, as well as his colleagues are having discussions with “any MP” in the perspective of the vote for the motion, deeming its submission in the parliamentary vacation as unconstitutional.

“Our response to the political adventure started by the PSD in the parliamentary vacation you saw – we notified the CCR [Constitutional Court of Romania] invoking a legal conflict of constitutional nature by which we request the Court clarify this problem. From our point of view, it’s unconstitutional to submit a censure motion in the parliamentary vacation. (…) Naturally that both me, as well as my colleagues are discussion with each MP, explaining to them our point of view,” Orban said, according to Agerpres.

In this context, the head of the executive explains that Romania needs now the government because it has to answer a series of challenges.

“In matters of European funds, the Government that I lead must prepare the basis of negotiation for the partnership agreement for the budget of the European Union 2021 – 2027. We must prepare the national plan for resilience and recuperation, which is indispensable in order to access the European funds as part of the resilience and recuperation facility made available to the European states of the EU. The Government must ensure the opening of schools, the start of the school year in the best conditions,.the Government must take care of preparing local elections, the Government is already implementing the plan for economic relaunch and investments “Rebuilding Romania” (…) and at the current time we are at around 90 pct of the necessary normative acts to implement the measures in the investment and relaunch plan adopted and we are to adopt the rest of the normative act, after which we will implement all these measures,” the Prime Minister also said.

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