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May 29, 2022

18 candidates compete in the race for Bucharest’s mayoralty

18 candidates remained in the race for the position of general mayor of Bucharest, in the local elections of September 27.

The Constituency Electoral Bureau of Bucharest (BEM) okayed the final candidacies on Tuesday.

According to the BEM minutes, 24 lists of candidates proposed by political parties or political alliances, electoral alliances, as well as independent candidates were registered, of which 22 were admitted in whole or in part.

Also, 19 candidacies for the position of general mayor were registered, of which 18 were admitted.


These are:


* Traian Basescu – People’s Movement Party (PMP) – engineer, current MEP


* Gabriela Firea – Social Democratic Party (PSD) – philologist / journalist, current general mayor of the Capital


* Nicusor Dan (independent) – mathematician, current deputy


* Ilan Laufer (National Identity Force Party) – teacher of physical education and sports


* Ioan Sirbu (Pro Bucharest 2020 Alliance) – doctor


* Octavian Badescu (independent) – economist


* Radu Octavian Moraru (independent) – air traffic controller


* Calin Popescu-Tariceanu – Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) – engineer, current senator


* Radu Ghidau (National Peasant Alliance Party) – lawyer


* Alexandru Ion Coita (Republican Party of Romania) – expert in international relations


* John-Ion Banu (Romanian Nation Party) – engineer


* Catalin Ioan Berenghi (independent) – mountain guide


* Claudiu Richard Tarziu (the Alliance for Romanians’ Union) – journalist


* Bogdan Stanoevici (Independent Social Democratic Party) – actor


* Florin Calinescu (Green Party) – actor


* Ileana Daniela Nanau – Greater Romania Party (PRM) – engineer


* Valentina Bistriceanu – Romanian Ecologist Party (PER) – economist


* Sebastian Popescu (New Romania Party) – veterinarian


For the General Council of Bucharest the following parties submitted lists of candidates: the National Liberal Party, the People’s Movement Party, the National Identity Force Party, the Pro Bucharest 2020 Alliance, the Social Democratic Party, the Save Romania Union – Freedom, Unity and Solidarity Party USR- PLUS Alliance, the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats, the Humanist Power Party (social liberal), the National Peasant Alliance, the Republican Party of Romania, the Romanian Nation Party, the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR), the Alliance for Romanians’ Union, the European Romania Party, the Independent Social Democratic Party, the Green Party, Right Alternative Party, the Great Romania Party, Romanian Ecological Party, the Adhere to Democracy Education and Reconstruction (ADER) Party, the New Romania Party.

An independent – Radu Octavian Moraru (air traffic controller), who is also running for mayor, has also submitted his candidacy for general councilor.

Source: Agerpres

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