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March 7, 2021

Local ballot of September 27: 103 contenders running for Bucharest general, sector mayoral offices

The local ballot of September 27 has 103 candidates in the race for Bucharest mayor or sector mayor, as acknowledged by the Constituency Electoral Bureaus.

* 18 are running for the office of Bucharest general mayor

* 20 are running for Sector 1 mayor

* 16 are running for Sector 2 mayor

* 13 are running for Sector 3 mayor

* 9 are running for Sector 4 mayor

* 11 are running for Sector 5 mayor

* 16 are running for Sector 6 mayor

The hopefuls for Bucharest local office come from all walks of life: engineers, doctors, lawyers, law experts, teachers, actors. They also include an air traffic controller, a mountain guide, a theologian, a coach, a reserve officer, a diplomat, a political scientist, and a driver.


High-profile candidates are vying for the the seat of Bucharest mayor this year.

Sitting general mayor Gabriela Firea is running for a second term. Former President of Romania Traian Basescu is also seeking this office he has served in before his tenure as head of the state. Their main opponent is the independent Nicusor Dan, backed by the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the USR PLUS Alliance.

Leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, a former Prime Minister and former Senate president, also entered the election race.

Actors Florin Calinescu and Bogdan Stanoevici, politicians Ilan Laufer and Alexandru Coita complete the roster of candidates for city mayor.

The candidates for the office of Bucharest general mayor are the following: Traian Basescu (the People’s Movement Party – PMP), Gabriela Firea (the Social Democratic Party – PSD), Nicusor Dan (independent), Ilan Laufer (the Party of the National Identity Force), Ioan Sirbu (the Pro-Bucharest 2020 Alliance), Octavian Badescu (independent), Radu Octavian Moraru (independent), Calin Popescu-Tariceanu (ALDE), Radu Ghidau (National Peasant Alliance Party), Alexandru Ion Coita (the Romanian Republican Party), John-Ion Banu (the Party of the Romanian Nation), Catalin Ioan Berenghi (independent), Claudiu Richard Tarziu (the Alliance for Romanian Unity), Bogdan Stanoevici (the Independent Social Democratic Party), Florin Calinescu (the Green Party), Ileana Daniela Nanau (the Greater Romania Party – PRM), Valentina Bistriceanu (the Romanian Ecologist Party – PER) and Sebastian Popescu (the New Romania Party)


The position of Sector 1 mayor has drawn no less than 20 contenders.

The sitting mayor seeks a new term, but names of repute in their profession have also entered the race: MEP Clotilde Armand, former Secretary of State Ioana Constantin, doctor Adina Alberts, deputy Andrei Gerea and journalists Dan Bucura and Adriana Bahmuteanu.

The complete list is as follows: Ioana-Felicia Constantin (PMP), Clotilde-Marie-Brigitte Armand (the USR PLUS Alliance), Daniel Tudorache (PSD), Adina-Magdalena Alberts (the Pro-Bucharest 2020 Alliance), Amalia Nenovici (the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats Party), Andrei-Dominic Gerea (the Humanist Power Party – Social-Liberal), Crina-Veronica Mechno (the Green Party), Madalina-Andreea Mustareata (the Independent Social Democratic Party), Adriana-Cristina Bahmuteanu (the Romanian Ecologist Party), Gabriel-Ciprian Ciceu (the RE: START Romania Party), Jaqueline-Marilena Lazar Serbanescu (the European Romania Party), Remus Bogdan Mamoc (the Greater Romania Party), Emanuel Onoriu (the Romanian Patriots’ Movement), Marian Orlando Culea (the Adhere to Democracy Education and Reconstruction Party – ADER), Andrei Emil Dirlau (the Alliance for Romanian Unity), Mioara Sabina Ciulu (the National Identity Force Party), Florin Toader (the Alternative for National Dignity Party), Elena Curic (the Romanian Nation Party), Daniel Bucura (independent) and Tudor-Helmut Schinagel-Costea (independent).


The 16-strong list of competitors for the position of Sector 2 mayor includes a mathematician, a programmer, a sociologist, a psychologist, a reserve officer, a coach and a driver, the latter representing the Faithful People’s Party.

Former mayor Neculai Ontanu is running again backed by the ADER-PPU Social Liberal Electoral Alliance.

The sector’s current deputy mayor Dan Cristian Popescu is also in the race, on behalf of PSD.

The candidates vying for Sector 2 mayor are: Marian Catalin Militaru (PMP) – a law expert; Dan Cristian Popescu (PSD) – mathematician, current Sector 2 deputy mayor; Radu Nicolae Mihaiu (USR PLUS Alliance) – programmer; Ramona Ioana Mezei (ALDE) – journalist; Neculai Ontanu (ADER-PPU Social-Liberal Electoral Alliance) – sociologist; Marius Cosmescu (the Alliance for Education and Reform Party) – company manager; Catalin Bogdan Faust (the European Romania Party) – psychologist; Catalin Iordache (the RE: START Romania Party) – law expert; Florin Manea (the Pro Bucharest 2020 Alliance) – engineer; Mihai Datcu (the Faithful People’s Party) – driver; Petre Spirleanu (PRM) – reserve officer; Corina Pinzaru (the Romanian Patriots Movement) – engineer; Constantin Gabriel Ureche (PER) – coach; Niculae Pupaza (the Independent Social Democratic Party) – law expert; Daniel Scurtu (the National Identity Force Party); and Ana-Maria Mihai (the Alliance for Roman Unity) – dentist.


Ten men and three women are in the race for Sector 3 mayor, including the sector’s current mayor Robert Negoita, Bucharest deputy mayor Aurelian Badulescu, the director of the Public Policies Institute Adrian Moraru, and lecturer Mihail Neamtu.

Two law experts, two economists, a graphic designer, a diplomat and an entrepreneur complete the roster.

The hopefuls for the office of Sector 3 mayor are as follows: George Mihail Neamtu (PMP), Aurelian Badulescu (PSD), Adrian Moraru (PNL), Corneliu Stefan (PRM), Maria Magdalena Nicula (the European Romania Party), Bogdan Valentin Bratianu (ALDE), Andrei Nicolas Plesea (PER), Robert Negoita (the Pro-Bucharest 2020 Alliance), Ulise Toader (PPU Social-Liberal), Andra Elena Trita (the National Identity Force Party), Florin Dragan (the Romanian Patriots’ Movement), Mihaela Cristina Mostavi (ADER) and Stefan Ovidiu Dima (the Alliance for Romanian Unity).


The fewest candidates – just 9, are in the race for the office of Sector 4 mayor.

The current mayor Daniel Baluta is seeking another term. His opponents include Stefan Dan Marin from PMP, who has served as Bucharest acting mayor after Sorin Oprescu’s suspension from office, and investigative reporter Ovidiu Zara.

The following are in the electoral competition for Sector 4 mayor: Daniel Baluta (PSD), Stefanel Dan Marin (PMP), Elena Simona Spataru (the Freedom Unity Solidarity Party), Ovidiu Zara (PER), Vasile Negrila (the Independent Social Democratic Party), Adrian Vlad Chiotan (ALDE), Gabriel Liviu Ispas (Pro Romania), Simion Dan Calina (PRM) and Constantin Titian Filip (independent).


Former mayors Marian Vanghelie and Cristian Popescu Piedone are back in the electoral competition. Joining them in the race are the current mayor Daniel Florea, Secretary of State in the Justice Ministry Cristian Tudor Bacanu, Senator Catalin Lucian Iliescu and general councilor Ion Valentin Voicu.

The 11 candidates in the race for Sector 5 mayor are the following: Cristian Piedone Popescu (the Humanist Power Party) – economist; Catalin Lucian Iliescu (PMP) – engineer; Ion Valentin Voicu (ALDE) – engineer, current general councilor; Daniel Florea (PSD) – law expert, the incumbent mayor; Cristian Tudor Bacanu (PNL) – lawyer, current Secretary of State; Stefan Pirpiliu (the Pro Bucharest 2020 Alliance) – engineer; Marian Daniel Vanghelie (the Independent Social Democratic Party) – technician; Florin Ciomag (the Romanian Patriots’ Movement Alliance) – entrepreneur; Octavian Mirea (ADER) – engineer; Adrian Fundeneanu (the Party of the Romanian Nation) – entrepreneur; and Adrian Ion Urichianu (PRM) – teacher.


16 are in the race for Sector 6 mayor – four women and 12 men – boasting a solid political background or former candidates for local office.

The current mayor Gabriel Mutu seeks a new term; his opponents include Liberal Ciprian Ciucu, a former general councilor and current president of the National Civil Servants Agency, ALDE general councilor Tudor Tim Ionescu and PMP vice Chairman Stefan Viorel Florescu. The candidates for Sector 6 mayor are as follows: Stefan Viorel Florescu – PMP; Mihai Danes – independent; Ciprian Ciucu – PNL; Gabriel Mutu – PSD; Tudor Tim Ionescu – ALDE; Anca Elena Balasoiu – the Pro-Bucharest 2020 Alliance; Bogdan Gabriel Iofciu – ADER; Georgel Tudorascu – the Humanist Power Party (Social Liberal); Danil Tulugea – PRM; Radu Lucian Dinu – the National Identity Force Party; Florina Bogdana Popescu – the Romanian Patriots’ Movement; Catalin Liviu Amiroaie – the Christian Democratic Alliance; Alexandra Diana Gheorghe-Iovu – the RE: START Romania Party; Viorica Elisabeta Lupu – the Alliance for Romanian Unity; and Vlad Alexandru Iancu – the Independent Social Democratic Party.

Source: Agerpres

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