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December 7, 2022

MAI’s Dajbog: Mask wearing, mandatory for candidates and campaign teams during electioneering

Wearing a protective mask to cover the nose and the mouth is mandatory for candidates and their campaign teams during electioneering, Interior Ministry Spokeswoman Monica Dajbog said on Friday.

“Earlier this month, Interior Minister Marcel Vela approved a general plan of measures under his ministry’s powers prior to and during the local elections, with the plan being submitted to all departments responsible for organising the electoral process. As far as health protection during the electioneering is concerned, under a decision approved at its Thursday’s meeting, the government established that wearing a protective mask, so as to cover the nose and mouth, is mandatory for candidates and their campaign teams during electoral events, meetings and actions,” said Dajbog at the Interior Ministry (MAI) headquarters.

According to her, all the people who will participate in electoral events will be subject to observation triage and will have to wear a mask.

“Observation triage and mandatory hand disinfection shall be performed for all persons participating in events or meetings. The rules of access and personal protection will be displayed in visible places, in the spaces where events or meetings take place. The participants will wear a protective mask so as to cover their nose and mouth. A physical distance of at least one metre will be secured between the participants in events and meetings, including those held in the streets and door to door.”

Dajbog specified that attendance of indoor events and meetings will be capped at 50 people, and duration at two hours.

In the case of outdoor events and meetings, organisers have to cap attendance at 100 spaced out by visible signs of the premise and secure blank areas of at least four square metres around each person.

“Regarding the actions carried out in the streets, the number of people moving as a group or forming a gathering will be capped at six, and in the case of door-to-door actions the campaigns will consist of a maximum of two people,” said Dajbog.

Organisers will be under the obligation to ensure the enforcement of collective and individual protection rules to prevent contamination and contain the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

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