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June 27, 2022

Romanian Language Day: Cotroceni Palace will be illuminated in the colors of the national flag

President Klaus Iohannis remarks, in the message sent on Monday on the occasion of the Romanian Language Day, the effort of teachers abroad who “transmit to the new generations the roots inherited from the past and help them define themselves culturally and spiritually”.

“A special message is addressed to those who speak and preserve the Romanian language abroad. I am convinced that it is not easy to preserve their identity, language and faith. I also want to note the efforts made by the Romanian language teachers abroad who pass to the new generations the roots inherited from the past and help them define themselves culturally and spiritually. Their mission is often difficult, accomplished under difficult conditions, and therefore teachers deserve, in addition to our respect and appreciation, concrete measures to support them,” said the head of state, according to the Presidential Administration.

He adds that “the school not only transmits knowledge, but forms characters”.

“Encouraging reading, developing calligraphy, writing and pronouncing words correctly develop us as people, as a society and as a nation. Language is our treasure and it is the duty of each of us to protect it,” Iohannis said.

On the occasion of the celebration of the Romanian Language Day, the Cotroceni Palace will be illuminated on Monday, starting with 20:00, in the colors of the national flag.

Orban: Distinct Romanian personality shaped by all national language created throughout history

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban states, in a message sent on Monday, on the occasion of the Romanian Language Day, that the national language has created “a distinct Romanian personality”, and a rich language, “to express all the nuances of feeling and thinking” can only be learned through reading.

“On behalf of the Government of Romania and personally, I cordially hail all those who celebrate the Romanian language today! Because, although we are citizens of the whole world, through the effects of globalization, the distinct Romanian personality is shaped by everything that the national language created, throughout history, in our space and spirit. And I also believe that any other citizen of the world, from anywhere, who has learned Romanian or loves our culture, the country, the way of being, can be considered Romanian,” says Orban.

The prime minister points out that the survival of the Romanian people in history was due, “to an essential extent,” to the unity of language.

In this context, he emphasizes the merits of writers and teachers in the promotion and development of the Romanian language.

Referring to the situation in the diaspora, Orban points out the role of the family in encouraging young people to learn Romanian.

According to him, the Government, at central level and through the relevant institutions, is involved in the actions meant to support the preservation of the national consciousness, both in the country and in the communities abroad. In this regard, Ludovic Orban mentions the introduction, this year, of the Romanian Language, Culture and Civilization course in schools in France, “the seventh European state in which such courses begin to be taught, after Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Ireland and the United Kingdom.”

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