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May 24, 2022

The Roast Battle of the year: Stand-up comedy with Bordea and Vlad

What happens if you pit a famous stand-up comedy actor and a mythical, fantastic, and very funny cartoon character against each other? You get the Roast of the year 2020.

This is exactly what happened, and it was a big surprise for the lovers of good quality entertainment. The two who engaged in such a battle were Catalin Bordea and Vlad the vampire.

Who is Vlad?

Vlad is a charismatic figure from the world of online gambling. He is the mascot of Vlad Cazino, a vampire coming from which other country if not Romania? His name is the same as Dracula’s, but he is much more funnier and entertaining than the dark lord from Transylvania.

The cute vampire is the casino’s image both online and offline, gaining so far many fans. He is always up to something funny and he has excellent jokes. So much did Vlad promote his jokes beyond the online games, that Vlad Cazino became Untold 2019 sponsor.

Vlad Cazino is part of Kindred Group, a top level online gambling company, and is 100% dedicated to the online casino games. It is the first Romanian online casino and it has an important player for more than two years on the local online gambling market.

Who is Bordea?

Catalin Bordea is an actor and comedian, and he was one of the first stand-up comedians in Romania. This brought him in shows all over the country, and now is one of the most famous stars in the original comedy job. So, naturally, the team work with Vlad Cazino was born, because the actor represents the online entertainment, and he has a huge success among youngsters.

He graduated the National University of Theatre and Film “I.L. Caragiale” Bucharest, and appeared in TV shows and series, especially in comedy ones. Bordea is now one of the most followed stand-up actors.

What was the Roast about?

Bordea and Vlad engaged in a Roast Battle, a stand-up comedy type which had a great success in the past years. A Roast Battle is a show where the comedians are fighting each other with fun an ironic jokes, and the crowd is delighted.

Vlad made it to the real world in this way for the first time, but he was a little bit “roasted” by Bordea. “Watch out, your birth certificate will expire. You are old. You are so old that you have the Book of Ra with the writer’s autograph”, said the comedian. “You have more hair on your head than good jokes”, replies Vlad to the bald Bordea.

They shared the same stand-up stage, with Vlad actually sitting on a high bar stool. And it was a fun show to watch, as the two “roasted” each other. This may as well be the first step Vlad takes on the stand-up comedy stage.

The collaboration between Catalin Bordea and Vlad the vampire is based on the common values, centered on quality entertainment and on the popularity among youngsters, and is active starting this summer.

They appear together on Facebook, but also in cartoons, with Bordea now having its own animated character. The two work together presenting the website to the clients, introducing the promotions and the special campaigns among other surprises.

Bordea and Vlad appear in the campaign “A Vlad-tastic summer with 1,500,000 spins”, which is available on the Vlad Cazino website. There are almost 500 online slots in the Casino section, and all the games are available on any device. You will enjoy blackjack, roulette, bingo, and live casino, among others.

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