“The Commitment for the New Bucharest” supporting candidate Nicusor Dan at the Capital City Hall signed by PNL and USR-PLUS leaders

The leaders of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Save Romania Union (USR) and Party of Liberty, Unity and Solidarity (PLUS), Ludovic Orban, Dan Barna and Dacian Ciolos, on Friday signed “The Commitment for the New Bucharest”, supporting candidate Nicusor Dan at the Capital City Hall and the sector candidates of these formations.

In addition to Nicusor Dan, the PNL Bucharest chairwoman Violeta Alexandru, USR Bucharest leader Claudiu Nasui, and PLUS Bucharest President Vlad Voiculescu signed the commitment.

“Today we are signing a commitment to the people of Bucharest. This is an extremely important moment. The leaders of the most credible, modern political formations in Bucharest and at the national level are embarking on a vital project for Bucharest. USR-PLUS leaders and leaders of the National Liberal Party are committed to supporting Nicusor Dan at the Capital City Hall, the six candidates for the district town halls – Clotilde Armand, Radu Mihaiu, Adrian Moraru, Simona Spataru, Cristian Bacanu and Ciprian Ciucu – and also engage in a project of vital importance for Bucharest: to stop the decline, to stop the collapse, to remove Bucharest and the administration of Bucharest from the improvisation, stillness and waste of public money in expenses that have no beneficial effect for Bucharest,” said PNL leader and Prime Minister Ludovic Orban.

According to Orban, the commitment is a pledge by which we make it clear to the people of Bucharest that, as they have asked us, we have united, that we will be with Nicusor Dan and the team in the local administration to really put Bucharest in motion, to restore its brilliance and beauty, to make Bucharest one of the most attractive European capitals.”

Commitment for the New Bucharest: We stand united, law, citizen, actions – above all

The Commitment for the New Bucharest, signed on Friday by the leaders of the National Liberal Party (PNL) and Save Romania Union – Party of Liberty, Unity and Solidarity (USR-PLUS)with a view to local elections, provides for the unity of the three political parties in the interest of the people of Bucharest.

“You, the citizens of the Romanian Capital, have rightly asked for unity and concrete solutions. We are, therefore, together and we commit ourselves, for the Bucharest City Hall and the six district mayoralties, to put in place the most effective measures in order to save the city from collapse. We are committed to setting up a local administration that will respect your time, health, money, desire to live better. You have asked us to give up on vanity, to act in a unitary manner for Bucharest wherever we have representatives, in the Local Councils and in the General Council. We commit ourselves to remain united and to put above all three things: the Law, the Citizen and the Actions!,” the quoted commitment shows.

According to the document, “after PSD [the Social Democratic Party] and Gabriela Firea won the Capital City Hall in 2016, all of Romania had to lose.”

“That victory of PSD in Bucharest paved the way for Liviu Dragnea and then allowed the implementation of PSD’s plans against the rule of law and against Romanians. Out of control, PSD did what it knew best: it tried to subdue justice, threatened civil society and the press, and on August 10, 2018 it attacked the people of Bucharest and the diaspora with tear gas and water cannons, something that should never happen again. In the four years of the PSD-Firea mandate, our Capital has become the fiefdom of interest groups and the place of reckless spending. Our capital has been systematically abandoned and looted, and this disaster bears the imprint of the PSD and the incumbent mayor.We now have, after four years of incompetent PSD administration, a bankrupt city, suffocated by corruption and pollution, with jammed traffic and (bank) accounts, without hot water in summer and without heat in winter,” “The Commitment for the New Bucharest” further mentions.

Photo: Facebook/Nicusor Dan

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