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June 15, 2021

PLUS Chairman Ciolos: September 27 can be the moment of a new beginning for Romania, a chance to rid the country of the corruption virus

Chairman of the Liberty, Unity and Solidarity Party (PLUS) Dacian Ciolos declared on Saturday in Ploiesti that election day – September 27 can be “the moment of a new beginning for Romania” if the citizens turn out to vote, as this is the chance to rid the country of the “corruption virus”.

“Now is the time to make this change, and September 27 can be the moment of a new beginning, if we understand that by turning out to vote on September 27 we can get rid of another virus that has been marauding us for years, the virus of corruption, of deception, of indifference and lack of professionalism,” Ciolos told a press conference.

He pointed out that the goal of the USR PLUS alliance is the modernization of the country, doing away with the power-thirsty barons and corruption.

“Through our candidates in the local elections, the USR PLUS alliance will make a breach in the public administration on September 27. That’s why our goal is to have mayors, councilors in all local councils, because as long as there are honest, competent and professional people in these structures, those who have so far done their shady deals hidden from the eyes of the citizens (…) will no longer be able to do this. I am referring here to the entire political class so far. (…) That is why the USR PLUS candidates are the sustainable change for rendering Romania theft-free. (…) We will battle to eliminate corruption, but not just that. We also have a development plan for education, for health, for economic development and job creation, but all these investments (…) don’t make sense if we do not eradicate corruption, if we do not stop corruption,” said Dacian Ciolos, according to Agerpres.

The former Prime Minister went on to say that this year’s local and parliamentary elections are more important than ever, given the current context created by the pandemic.

“Unfortunately, in Romania this pandemic comes against the background of a state weakness, of a weak, poorly public administration, and this is visible much more in Romania than in other European Union countries in the lack of organization, in the people’s insecurity, in the lack of predictability. (…) The problems we have cannot be solved by immediate decisions alone, we need deeper reforms. (…) The weaknesses of the state was showing in the time of the PSD rule. We’ve seen the Caracal case and many other cases where the citizens said that they lost their confidence in the state. (…) Therefore, the September 27 local elections and the parliamentary elections in early December are much more important for Romania than anytime in recent years, not only because we are going through this pandemic (…), but because if we see these moments of crisis as an opportunity, now it’s the time to make some profound changes that will bring more security for the people and more development opportunities for Romania,” said the PLUS Chairman, who pointed out in conclusion that the lack of coherence in the organization of the education system in the current health context is closely related to the politicization of the entire system.

We want to bring, firstly, competence and transparency

The co-chairman of the Save Romania Union – Party of Liberty, Unity and Solidarity Alliance (USR-PLUS Alliance), Dacian Ciolos, stated on Sunday in Zalau (Salaj County, north-west) that through the candidates it proposes in the local elections, the Alliance wants to bring, firstly, competence in administration and transparency of the way in which decisions are made, as well as how public money is spent.

Dacian Ciolos mentioned, during a press conference, that in Romania there is a need for change of the way politics has been done in the past 30 years.

“Romania needs a change. Romania needs a change of the way in which politics is done, but also of the way public administration is done. The old political class showed us what it can do. In the past 30 years they were in power, they were governing and we see the situation in which we are. (…) We need a fresh breathe of air and we need, firstly, to start from some fundamental things that we must admit and root out and that we started talking about ever since the European Parliament elections when we said we want to build in a Romania with no thievery. In a Romania without thievery, because otherwise we speak for naught of investments in education, in healthcare, in infrastructure, so long as in public administration there is corruption there will be incompetence, there will be imposture that translates to political sinecures, by nepotism and so forth,” said the USR-PLUS co-chair.

He emphasized that the Alliance wants to bring in the administration firstly competence and transparency, and then an increase in welfare.

Ciolos added that he desires that, in at most a month, those who will be mayors or councilors for the Alliance will come with very clear projects that they have to assume they will put in motion in the next 2-3 years and regarding which they can answer to their electors.

Furthermore, Ciolos stated that beyond paving roads, making a sidewalk or outfitting a park, there must be things done to attract those who invest and things to give the possibility to youth to express, on the local level, their creativity.

I hope the Government does not play politically the school opening

The co-president of the USR-PLUS Alliance, Dacian Ciolos, declared on Sunday, in Sibiu, that pupils should be able to go to school under safe health conditions, and the local and central authorities had time to prepare for the opening of the new school year.

“Normally there should be no reason for school not to start on time. And I say it very directly, I hope the Government does not play politically also this story with the opening or postponing the opening of the school, because the local authorities have a responsibility in preparing the infrastructure to be ready to receive pupils and the ministry must prepare everything related to the teaching side. They had time to do it. The mandate of the mayors was extended. They knew very well that they had to prepare the beginning of the school year because elections will only be at the end of September at best. So, it is a topic we cannot play with,” Dacian Ciolos told a news conference.

Ciolos says that the politicization of the education system is a problem that should be solved.

“As we have been talking a lot about health since spring, and we have seen how the systemic, structural problems that we have not solved in health in recent years (…) have exploded in front of us, now, in a crisis situation. The same way now we see Romania’s other big problem, education, the education system. We have politicized it to the teeth. (…) So, yes, I think that schools should be opened. Obviously there are risks, but that is why we have authorities: to reduce those risks”, said Dacian Ciolos.

According to Ciolos, the authorities should be prepared for pupils to take online courses as well, but this would only be a backup solution.

“If we are to be prepared for what is to come, we should also be prepared for this backup situation, the online school, but where possible (…) we should also start the physical school,” added Dacian Ciolos.

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