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January 20, 2022

HealthMin Nelu Tataru: We are in bumpy plateau, the second phase of the first wave. We’ll propose to extend the state of alert

Health Minister Nelu Tataru stated, on Wednesday, that, in what regards the situation of COVID-19, we are in a “bumpy plateau, to say so, of the second phase or second hump of the first wave.”

“We are in a plateau, in a kind of bumpy plateau, to say so, of the second phase or the second hump of the first wave. September is a hard month, through the precautions that we need to assume and respect. We had a September 1 with the resumption of activity in restaurants, with the resumption of activities in theaters and cinemas, with the return of the population from vacations and the crowding of public transport. September 14 will follow with the opening of schools, and, again, an overcrowding of public transport, a month of electoral campaign, elections on September 27. There are some resumptions of activities that we foresaw in the context of some rules being respected,” Nelu Tataru mentioned.

The Health Minister added that the situation will be managed as long as rules are respected.

“If they are respected [e.n. – the rules regarding COVID-19 prevention], we will be able to manage a relatively small increase of the number of cases, remaining on the same plateau. If we do not respect them, we may transform this plateau in to an upward slope,” said Tataru.

Asked if he is anxious regarding the start of school, he declared that he is precautious.

“I am precautious, which we should all be. Precautions that should go towards a joint effort, to a partnership between us, as the Health Ministry, the Government, as well as parents, children, teachers,” Nelu Tataru also stated, according to Agerpres.

Health Ministry to propose state of alert extension

The Ministry of Health will propose the extension of the state of alert, in the context of the current evolution of the pandemic, Health Minister Nelu Tataru announced on Thursday in Pitesti.

“As we see the evolution of cases, we have reached a plateau. The proposal of the Ministry of Health is to extend the state of alert,” the Minister told a press conference, adding that the proposal will be for a 30-day extension.

The state of alert was extended for the third time on August 14, by decision of the government, starting with August 16.

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