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November 30, 2021

Romanian Association of Temporary Work Agents becomes the Association of Human Resource Service Providers

Starting this year, the Romanian Association of Temporary Work Agents (ARAMT) becomes the Association of Human Resource Service Providers (AFSRU). The main purpose of the change is to expand the association’s area of ​​activity in the area of ​​human resources services, adjacent to temporary work.

Founded by the largest players on the human resources services market in Romania, AFSRU aims to make the conditions of access to the labor market more flexible and to create new jobs, in the context in which Romania currently has the lowest rate of temporary employment contracts in Europe and face a wide range of challenges in the area of ​​human resources services, especially in the special context generated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We want to continue the constructive dialogue with the social partners and regulators, started and successfully developed in the last 10 years by ARAMT and also to work on the continuous modernization of legislation in the field of temporary work, employment, of the provision of payroll, personnel administration, professional training and other outsourced services, in the context of the new realities in the local and international labor market”, said Bogdan Gabor, President of AFSRU.

AFSRU wants to be a landmark of the human resources services market, offering Codes of Good Practice in the field and monitoring the activities of providing personnel services, advocating for maintaining high standards of ethics and professionalism of operators in this market.

“We have demonstrated over time that there is no mission impossible for our Association, managing to find solutions to the most sensitive issues, such as the implementation of GDPR, a sensitive topic for Human Resources professionals. Recently, we developed within the Association a guide of good practices in GDPR, which proposes implementation rules aligned to the international practice in the field in which we operate “, added the President of AFSRU.

“We want to implement the new European trends in terms of payroll and recruitment in an effort to synchronize and educate the local market and, at the same time, to continuously increase the level of professionals in our industry and the quality of services provided,” argued Bogdan Gabor .

As well as in terms of payroll services, the Association has developed a specialized discussion and analysis group that debates the latest developments in the field, analyzes in real time the new legislative proposals and offers views and positions to the competent authorities.

The development and harmonization in the new context of all human resources services in accordance with the needs of the labor market, the expectations of candidates and legislative changes are, for AFSRU members, a constant concern involving a sustained activity based on professional experience validated in practice.

“I value most the community that was created in AFSRU, the openness to discuss and find solutions together, especially during this challenging year for all industries,” said Sorina Donisa, CEO of APT Prohuman Romania and founding member of ARAMT / AFSRU.

“Whether you are at the beginning of the road in the field of human resources services or you are a growing company in Romania, AFSRU is the environment where you can enrich your knowledge of the human resources market, knowledge necessary to grow your business. You also have the opportunity to contribute to the development of the labor market in Romania together with the biggest players in human resources. AFSRU is a necessary community, especially in such a dynamic environment where information and dialogue with specialists is essential for the best understanding of the HR industry “, continued Sorina Donisa.

“We are waiting for all those interested in supporting this consolidation and professionalization of the human resource service providers community in Romania to join us and our organization”, concluded Bogdan Gabor.

The 16 companies that are currently part of AFSRU, respectively the main temporary work agencies and human resources services in Romania are, in alphabetical order: Adecco Romania, APT Prohuman, Best Personal Services, Gi Group, Health Media International, HRP Leasing, Human Resources Specialists, Human Solutions, Humangest, Lugera, ManpowerGroup Romania, Professional, Smartree Romania, Quanta Romania, Work Support Agency and 3 minutes job.

AFSRU members carry out about 70% of the temporary work activities in Romania, registering at the end of 2019 a turnover of approximately 405 million euros.

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