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March 5, 2021

New school year begins in Romania under conditions adjusted to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic

President Iohannis in first day of school message: Dear students, you have the opportunity to be a superhero

Approximately 2,800,000 pupils and pre-school children have started the courses of a new school year on Monday, under special conditions, considering the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Some of them will begin online, while other schools will adopt a hybrid scenario, with half of the pupils in the classroom and half online.

Courses will be taking place according to the latest epidemiological developments. According to Radio Romania International, most of the country’s schools, over 12 thousand, have been considered to be in the green zone where students are allowed to go to courses. Rotating schedules are in place at the nearly 5 thousand schools currently in the yellow zone, while online courses have been made available for students at those nearly 240 in the red zone. According to Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, local authorities and schools have at their disposal 175 million Euros to buy tablets for online courses. According to the Head of the Executive, money has been earmarked for buying masks and disinfectants in schools. Furthermore, Orban has given assurances the authorities are ready to intervene in any situation, which might appear in an epidemiological context after the beginning of the school year.

The government increased the budget of the Education Ministry by 20 million Euros taken from the budget reserve fund to finance the National Program ‘Safe Education’.

The head of the Chancellery of the PM Ionel Danca explained how the money would be used: “We allotted the money necessary for School Inspectorates to purchase laptops, sanitary materials and electronic devices as well as web cams and tablets, to allow the teaching staff to hold classes online if the epidemiological situation requires it.”

The government also adopted a memorandum which provides for connecting to the Internet a number of 3,150 schools as well as a decision for the employment of 500 persons in the pre-university education system, both teaching and non-teaching staff. The situation was created by the great number of retirements reported, as many teachers who were older than 60 opted for retirement in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. The local authorities have to hire medical staff in the school health office and the Health Ministry will provide money for their salaries.

President Iohannis in first day of school message: Dear students, you have the opportunity to be a superhero

President Klaus Iohannis has sent a first-day-of-school message for new school year underlining the importance of complying with the special measures imposed amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“Dear students, even if today we start a new school year differently than you used to, the enthusiasm, impatience and joy of returning to school have remained unchanged. We have all been living through a situation that a few months ago could only have been possible in books or films. Until we can defeat the virus that has changed the way of life for all of us, we will have to follow some special measures in school designed not to endanger your health or the health of your loved ones. You will have the opportunity to be a superhero who, when wearing a mask, washing hands frequently and listening to the guidance of teachers, protects parents and grandparents, the ones who are most at risk of falling ill. I have great confidence in you and together we shall overcome this period,” Iohannis said in a prerecorded video message.

He told teachers that this year their mission would be “extremely difficult” and that they would have to adapt to unforeseen situations.

“Dear teachers, the beautiful mission you have chosen is becoming an extremely difficult one this year. The priority objective of providing quality education is now doubled by the need to carry out the educational act under as safe as possible for both students and staff health circumstances. We all walk in unfamiliar territory and that is why it will take a lot of patience, flexibility and energy; you will have to find internal resources and often adapt to unforeseen situations, but I am convinced that you will succeed in steering the children. However, I am convinced that you will be able to accompany the children on the fascinating journey of knowledge, whether you will be with them in class or at a distance, through online means of communication. I wish you a good school year and I want to thank you for your involvement!,” said Iohannis.

PM Orban:  Education is a “basic” condition for a civilised society and pupils are returning to classes to continue their training

Education is a “basic” condition for a civilised society and pupils are returning to classes to continue their training with an extra lesson – they need to learn to take care of their own health and the health of everyone around them, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said in his message on Monday for the beginning of the new school year.

“Children and teenagers in Romania are beginning an atypical school year, which is like a real test for the entire society, considering the priority that we have at this point in terms of health, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Education is a basic condition for a civilised society and, after almost six months during which we were forced to adjust to remote education, pupils return to their classrooms now to continue their training while needing to learn an extra lesson: how to take care of their own health and of the everyone around them,” said the Prime Minister.

He drew attention that the danger of infection with the novel coronavirus is still here and the beginning of the school year is also a challenge for the pupils, their families, the teaching staff and the relevant authorities.

PM underscored how important it is to observe health protection rules.

Ludovic Orban also told the teaching staff that they have the important task and responsibility to contribute to the protection of their pupils’ health.

EduMin Anisie to pupils at the beginning of school year: You can overrun any obstacle

Minister Monica Anisie has sent a message to pupils, at the beginning of the school year, telling them that they must be aware of the importance of education and also that they need to observe measures of prevention of the novel coronavirus.

“Dear pupils, you must be aware of the importance of education, and also that you must observe the rules meant to stop the virus from spreading! You have the power you need, and together we can overrun any obstacle! Your involvement matters! Good luck to you all and you have all my good thoughts!” Anisie wrote on her Facebook page on Monday morning.

In a message to the pupils, parents and the teaching staff, the Minister of Education underscored that “this is, for everybody, an unpredictable and complicated year, but with many opportunities at the same time.”

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