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April 13, 2021

Ciolacu: PSD to go alone in the parliamentary elections

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) will run alone in the parliamentary elections of this year, will make no alliances, said, on Tuesday, the chairman of the party, Marcel Ciolacu.

“I have discussed with my colleagues in what regards political alliances and we have made the decision, being the last day the Central Electoral Bureau accepts political alliance agreements, that the PSD will go alone in these parliamentary elections. What tipped the balance greatly was that we did not have any electoral alliance for the local elections. As you know, the National Political Council is also made up, besides organization chairs, of the mayors of large cities and the chairmen of county councils, and they are in local battles with the other political formations in the counties they represent, and I believe that tipped the balance a lot, as they are political adversaries with Pro Romania, as well as with ALDE [Alliance of Liberals and Democrats] and the PPU-SL [Humanist Power Party – Social Liberal],” said Ciolacu at the end of the meeting of the National Political Council of the party.

He added that the Social Democrats will try to discuss with the other political leaders about alliances after the elections.

“I have announced and received the vote of the colleagues for a post-electoral local alliance with Pro Romania in order to sketch the future majorities in the interest of the citizens in the county and local councils,” he said, according to Agerpres.

We await CCR motivation, then we make decision on the censure motion

Marcel Ciolacu also stated that the Social Democrats will decide, after seeing the motivation for the decision of the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR), if they will go forward with the censure motion that they have submitted in the extraordinary parliamentary session.

“I read the CCR release, we are waiting for the motivation and then, together with my colleagues, we will make a political decision regarding the opportunity to continue the demarche [regarding the censure motion – e.n.]. On the other hand, I saw from the allotments in the Government Decision the cost of the motion by looking at a certain political formation that received in this allotment the sum of 130 million RON. For us things are becoming more and more clear. We will also see the MPs who did not vote on what positions and lists they will be found. Categorically on those of the PNL [National Liberal Party]. (…) I don’t want to have an opinion until I read the motivation and have a discussion with my colleagues and a negotiation in Parliament with the other political forces, we will see, there are still allotments to follow, there are MPs that will be found on the PNL lists. It’s an open political game that I, at this moment, don’t want to speak of too early,” said Ciolacu, in a press conference at the end of the sitting of the National Political Council of the PSD.

The Constitutional Court of Romania established, on Tuesday, that there is no legal conflict between the Government and Parliament following the submission of a censure motion during an extraordinary session of Parliament.

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