HealthMin Tataru: There will be voting booths and boxes for persons with respiratory symptoms

Health Minister Nelu Tataru has stated on Wednesday that the persons that have a temperature over 37.3 degrees or respiratory symptoms when they come to vote in the local elections, organized on September 27, will have separate booths available.

“We have now a common order that establishes the rules of application and conduct on the day of the elections. I want to mention particular situations – the situations in which the voter comes and presents at the observational, then at the epidemiological triage that temperature over 37.3 degrees. He will have priority, will go straight to a dedicated ballot box and voting booth. If up to that time no person with fever or respiratory symptoms has voted, one of the ballot boxes will be picked, the closest one (…) That dedicated voting booth is the voting booth where from that moment on only those with respiratory symptoms or who present fever will use. It will be disinfected after being used by each voter that presents such symptoms,” Tataru explained in a press conference.

He also referred to the use of mobile ballot boxes, which will be used first for those with no symptoms of COVID-19.

“This ballot box will go with personnel that will be equipped – masks, gloves, disinfectant – firstly to those who requested a mobile ballot box, who have non-COVID pathology, followed by those in quarantine, then by those in isolation for COVID pathology. These elections will take place, in the context of the pandemic, in the second phase of the first wave. We must see that we have an increase in the number of cases. (…) I remind you that there are certain precautions which must be respected – physical distancing, mask wearing, disinfectant,” Tataru showed, according to Agerpres.

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