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April 18, 2021

Ford to deliver 50 customized vehicles to the Romanian Border Police. Zuckerman: Another example of American technology helping enhance Romania’s security and law enforcement

Ford Romania, through its dealer Tiriac Auto, will be delivering 50 Transit All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) units to the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Border Police, according to a press statement released on Friday.

At a special event hosted by the Embassy of the United States of America in Bucharest by Ambassador Adrian Zuckerman, and in the presence of Romania’s Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, three ARTEMIS-RO units based on Ford Transit from the batch currently being delivered to the General Border Police Inspectorate, part of a complex project that began almost two years ago, were presented.

The project is the result of close collaboration between Ford engineers who worked on customising the model, Ford-Transit Center Tiriac Auto dealer and Pro Optica to integrate the Ford Transit into the complex project structure for Romania’s General Border Police Inspectorate.

“This project is further proof to the efficient teamwork and we are of course very proud of the way it has been managed. The Transit model has been and remains the perfect choice for its segment, being an iconic product of the Ford brand, appreciated both in Romania and elsewhere in Europe. We want to see as many Ford models as possible, not only in the fleets of private entities, but also in those of the public entities, all the more so as we manufacture in Craiova some of the most appreciated and advanced SUVs of the moment,” Cristian Prichea, General Manager, Ford National Sales Company, is quoted as saying in the statement.

U.S. Ambassadir Zuckerman: This is another example of American technology helping enhance Romania’s security and law enforcement

“Today we celebrate the ever-growing commercial ties between our countries. This is another example of American technology helping enhance Romania’s security and law enforcement. Our Strategic Partnership is alive and well and stronger than ever.  The U.S.-Romanian economic relationship has grown rapidly since 1989.  U.S. investment in the Romanian economy now runs into the billions of dollars. Our bilateral trade alone exceeds $3 billion annually,”   the U.S. Ambassador to Bucharest, Adrian Zuckerman (photo) stated  at a ceremony hosted by the American Embassy the American Embassy to celebrate the delivery of Ford’s customized vehicles to the Romanian Border Police.

“Few American or foreign brands rival Ford’s century-old heritage as a global leader in the automotive industry and its advanced manufacturing.  With more than 6,200 employees and an investment of more than 1.5 billion euros over the past 12 years, Ford is among the top American companies operating in Romania.  It is a major contributor to this Romania’s economic prosperity.     The automotive sector is nearly 14% of Romania’s GDP and 26% of Romania’s exports.  Ford sets the bar in this sector not only as a manufacturer but also as an exporter; Ford exports vehicles to more than 50 markets globally. 

Ford’s vital role in Romania’s national economy inspired the Prime Minister and me to visit its Craiova plant earlier this year. We had the pleasure to test drive one of Ford’s new fantastic vehicles, the Puma on its test track. They were truly world class vehicles,” the U.S. diplomat stated.

“As Ford’s experts have and will explain, the vehicles you see here today are incredibly well equipped to increase the effectiveness of Border Police operations.  The Romanian Border Police are an essential partner of the United States Department of Justice in combating trafficking in persons – which as you are all aware, is one of my foremost priorities – and in fighting cross-border crime.  They also collaborate with our Department of State and Department of Energy in the international fight against terrorism, nuclear smuggling, and stopping the flow of counterfeit products and contraband.  Without the Border Police, much of what we cherish would be under immediate threat.  It is wonderful to see Ford’s innovations in action on Romanian roads and highways making us all safer.  It would be great to see more Ford vehicles in Romanian security agencies’ fleets,” Zuckerman added. 

“Ford, along with many other companies, are propelling the Romanian economy to new highs. Romanian manufacturing is increasing due to its skilled and motivated workforce.  The Ford plant in Craiova is spectacular – it is a paradigm for an American – Romanian success story. It has built an enormous factory that builds some parts there and imports others to assemble its vehicles with Romanian workers”. 

He went on saying that Romania needs predictable, stable free markets and private industry. “The age of state owned planned industry ended in abject failure and its promoters were tossed out thirty years ago. Keep them out! “.

The “Thermal surveillance utility vehicle” project regards the delivery of 50 units to the General Border Police Inspectorate of Romania. A contract was signed after PRO OPTICA won an open international tender organized by the General Border Police Inspectorate.

The product was built following the requirements formulated by technical and operational specialists of the beneficiary. The design project, the optronic surveillance system with a thermal camera, the computer and the surveillance software application and working with the maps are designed and created in Romania by Pro Optica S.A. The base car and military displays are products of the American companies Ford and Vartech, respectively.

The product has passed all pre-reception checks and to date a number of 16 products have been received, which have already entered service/mission.

The 50 Ford Transit units are powered by the EcoBlue 2.0 170 hp engine and are equipped with the Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system that offers improved performance in difficult conditions. When engaged, the system automatically increases the torque transmitted to the wheels with the highest grip. The system is suitable for rescue services and companies that frequently work in rough terrain.

The Ford EcoBlue 170hp (125 kW) diesel engine develops an impressive 405Nm of torque, and the high load capacity and fuel economy make it suitable for special conditions of use.

The new Transit’s improved range of Ford EcoBlue engines meets the strictest Euro 6.2 emission standards. Diesel vehicles are equipped with a particulate filter that retains more than 99% of the solid particles in the exhaust gas and with the selective catalytic reduction system used by AdBlue to convert the exhaust gas emissions into nitrogen and water.

In the first eight months of this year, according to data provided by DRPCIV, Ford continues to remain the market leader for commercial vehicles, with a market share of 14.65% and a number of 2000 registered commercial vehicles, Agerpres informs.

Photo: www.gov.ro

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