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November 28, 2021

Vodafone revolutionizes the TV experience with a new innovative service, Vodafone TV, and introduces new offers of convergent services under Vodafone ONE umbrella

Vodafone has launched  Vodafone TV, an innovative service that brings users in Romania a completely new television and entertainment experience, in line with current trends and new consumer habits. Also, Vodafone Romania launches today new fixed-mobile convergent offers, under Vodafone ONE umbrella.

“Today we are making an important step in our strategy to strengthen our position on the convergent services market in Romania. The fact that we have become a fully integrated communications company is for us a catalyst that will enable us to continue to innovate and offer Romanians new and competitive solutions for convergent communication and entertainment, as well as the best options to be always connected, anywhere and anytime. I am happy that we are bringing in Romanians’ homes a new innovation and a new entertainment experience, with the Vodafone TV service, along with an enhanced convergent proposition, Vodafone ONE”, said Murielle Lorilloux, CEO of Vodafone Romania.

The Vodafone TV service is based on a platform that includes a 4K STB, unique on the Romanian market, bringing together interactivity, streaming apps and digital cable. With Vodafone TV, users can enjoy the richest content offering, which includes the largest TV grid, with over 190 channels in SD, HD and 4K format, as well as the highest quality and most comprehensive video on demand library, with thousands of hours of qualitative content showcasing the full HBO GO content in its own dedicated section, providing access to HBO productions – original series, documentaries, local productions, but also series, movies and shows for kids from other premium content providers. Also, the interface enables access to premium and the most popular on demand streaming apps in Romania, for the whole family, like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and YouTube Kids, Hopster.

“TV consumption habits have changed significantly over the last few years, many of us today enjoying a mix between watching linear television and the use of the growing on demand services. What Vodafone is providing today is a solution that brings both these worlds together seamlessly, taking the best from each. You can, of course, continue to watch live events like sports and news, as they happen, but you will also be able to search and watch content that was on linear television days after it had been aired and see it seamlessly, as you do in the on demand environment. Also, as time progresses, much like the on demand services, our recommendation engine will also be able to recommend things you might like that are playing now on linear television. I truly believe that this will be the start of a significantly enhanced content and TV experience in Romania”, said Mostafa El Beltagy, Consumer Business Unit Director, Vodafone Romania.

Vodafone TV facilitates users’ access to their favorite content by integrating the linear TV grid and Video on Demand, as well as streaming applications into a single platform with a modern and intuitive interface that allows simple and friendly navigation. Thus, customers can watch their favorite TV shows and the largest variety of On Demand content, on any device – TV, smartphone or tablet. The Vodafone TV service offers seamless connectivity throughout devices, which ensures users flexibility and a true multi-screen experience. Thus, users can, for example, start watching on their phone or tablet and continue on the TV screen without interruption. What happens on one happens on all screens, instantly.

“With Vodafone TV, users can enjoy flexibility and interactivity with the advanced features available. Through the Catch-up / Replay function, users have the opportunity to choose when and where to watch their favorite programs, which are available for 7 days after broadcast, both on TV and on smartphone and tablet. They can also control the content they watch, including live TV shows, with Pause / Restart features, and they can record their favorite programs so they can watch them later, on any screen. The Search function enables finding content quickly and easily, whether it is linear or On Demand content, recorded or running programs.

In addition, the Vodafone TV service includes a section dedicated to children, “Kids’ App”, which offers parental control functions, as well as an extensive range of content for children, organized by channels or characters,” a press release issued by the company informs.

The Vodafone TV mobile application is available for iOS and Android devices.

The release of Vodafone TV also marks another milestone in Vodafone’s partnership with Netflix, started in 2015. Giving the increasing appetite for on demand entertainment and the successful campaigns of the past years, Vodafone TV media-box now integrates the Netflix entertainment service, offering customers the opportunity to enjoy acclaimed and multi-awarded shows and movies.

The company’s representatives announced that the Vodafone TV service is available, starting September 16  in a special offer, for individual customers who opt for a fixed service bundle, with Vodafone TV, fixed Internet and 500 Mbps Super Wi-Fi, HBO & HBO GO included for 24 months, at 17 euro / month.

Individual users can also benefit from the new Vodafone TV service and more benefits with the new convergent offers introduced in the same day.

Vodafone ONE – family always connected

Vodafone Romania has introduced new fixed-mobile convergent offers for individual customers, under the new communication umbrella, Vodafone ONE, thus continuing the promise to offer users complete communication services and the best options to stay always connected .

Thus, customers who opt for both mobile and fixed services from Vodafone benefit from even more advantageous offers, with a 120 euro discount on 2-year contracts.

For example, Vodafone mobile subscribers who also opt for a fixed service bundle with Vodafone TV, 500 Mbps fixed Internet and Super-WiFi benefit from a 120 euro discount on a 2-year contract, consisting of 48 euros off on the fixed services package, plus 72 euros off as the equivalent of HBO & HBO GO included in the package.

Customers of Vodafone fixed services benefit from a 120 euro discount on the 2-year contract by also opting for a mobile service subscription starting with Vodafone Red 12: 48 euros off on the mobile subscription, plus 72 euros off on the purchase of a smartphone.

Full details of the new Vodafone TV service are available at https://vodafonetv.vodafone.ro/, while convergent offers are detailed at https://one.vodafone.ro/.

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