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October 23, 2020

PM Orban, dissatisfied with amendments to budget revision: Budget-Finance Committee report triggers Romania’s bankruptcy

The Prime Minister Ludovic Orban on Sunday stated  that the National Liberal Party (PNL) will request in Parliament’s plenary sitting that the report on the budget revision be referred back to the Budget and Finance Committee, adding that the expenses included in it are not possible, because there the country might find itself at default risk.

“PSD [the Social Democratic Party] is a delirious party that wants to destroy Romania. What happened in the Budget Committees, in which PSD has a circumstantial majority, represents a crime against the Romanian economy and risks leading Romania to insolvency, to bankruptcy. We cannot stand idly by and we cannot accept for the PSD to mock this country. I would like to remind you that no other political party outside the PSD has endorsed these vicious decisions. We will fight in the plenary sitting of the Joint Chambers so that we can refer back the report to the Budget and Finance Committee. I am convinced that through an exemplary mobilization of the other political parties that have demonstrated rationality and connection with the economic reality, we will succeed,” Orban told a news conference in Iasi.

He was asked what the PNL will do next week when the budget revision amendment to increase pensions by 40% and a bill giving teachers an incentive of 500 euros are to be debated in Parliament.

The prime minister mentioned that the government is prepared “for any other situation”, so as to prevent PSD from “harming Romania”.

“I can tell you that the negative echoes of that famous meeting of the Budget-Finance Committee are already very present. (…) These expenditure increases are not possible. PSD has actually generated additional expenses of 6.5% of GDP, and at the same time, it increased the maximum debt-to-GDP ratio, from 44% to 40%. What have they actually done? They have generated additional expenditure and denied the possibility of obtaining financing to support these expenditures, namely they have laid the foundation for bankruptcy. We cannot accept for the PSD to make a mockery of this country and lead Romania to nowhere. We will fight, and with parliamentary elections just around the corner we will free Romania of this wicked majority that behaves as Romania’s enemy,” Orban said, according to Agerpres.

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