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April 22, 2021

Sergey Minasyan, Ambassador of Armenia to Bucharest: Despite pandemic-related communication problems, Armenia and Romania have been sustaining active political dialogue during this year

On September 21, the Armenian nation celebrates Independence Day, and with it, the centuries-long aspirations of Armenians to create independent statehood, to ensure the cultural and economic development of Armenia and the prosperous life of future generations. This year the Republic of Armenia and Armenians all over the world are celebrating the 29th anniversary of independence in the challenging times of the global pandemic of COVID-19. In an effort to cope with this crisis and find sustainable solutions, Armenia has been able to register modest but valuable success, made possible with international assistance. In this context, we appreciate the assistance being provided to us by Romania, a country also fighting against the pandemic. We hope that Romania will effectively overcome current challenges posed by the spread of COVID-19 and its consequences. We are also grateful to the members of the Armenian community of Romania, who have spared no efforts to help Armenia to fight the pandemic.

During the year, despite pandemic-related communication problems, Armenia and Romania have been sustaining political dialogue with special attention to continuing economic and connectivity projects. As a manifestation of commitment to continued cooperation, on July 2, 2020 Deputy Foreign Minister of Armenia Avet Adonts and State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign affairs of Romania Dan Neculaescu were for the first time held political consultations in videoconference format.

For Armenia, Romania is both a valuable partner and a communicational, economic and political gateway to the EU and European economic and political space. Given Romania’s dynamic involvement in many regional and internationals platforms, especially as a member of EU, NATO, OSCE, UN and other international organizations, we attach great importance to the continuation of Romania’s balanced approach toward the peaceful and sustainable settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict under the auspices of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairmanship. This approach was once again expressed by Romania in July this year during the military escalation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border.

Prince Radu’s visit to Armenia last autumn upon the invitation of the President of Armenia had symbolic significance in the context of Armenian-Romanian relations. Alongside other activities, the Prince paid a visit to the Armenian Genocide Memorial in Tsitsernakaberd.

The Armenian community of Romania has played a bridging role in the ties between Armenia and Romania. Romania hosts one of Europe’s oldest Armenian communities that boasts a rich heritage and an active input into Romania’s development. Last year, both chambers of the Romanian parliament unanimously adopted a Law that proclaimed October 12th as the Day of Armenian language, alphabet and culture. This is yet another sign that the Armenian community of Romania enjoys a privileged position as an integrated part of the Romanian society as well as an ethnic and religious minority.

This year we have the pleasure to congratulate the Union of Armenians in Romania and its leadership – its President Varujan Vosganian, member of the Chamber of Deputies of Romanian Parliament, and Vice President Varujan Pambukchian, head of the Minorities group in Romanian Parliament – on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Union’s reopening. It is symbolic that the Union of Armenians reopened at the beginning of 1990 immediately after the Romanian revolution of December 1989.

I remain confident that, given the remarkable potential of our bilateral relations, Armenia and Romania will deepen our mutually beneficial cooperation and will raise it to a new level.

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