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March 30, 2023

President Iohannis urges citizens to go to vote and elect candidates who care about the community

“PSD’s irresponsibility risks throwing Romania into a prolonged crisis and condemning generations to pay these huge costs”

President Klaus Iohannis on Wednesday urged the citizens to go to vote and elect the candidates who can do something for the community they live in.

“Go to vote in as high as possible numbers and elect those who can do something for the development of the city or commune you live in,” Iohannis told a press conference at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace.

“I am glad to note that, despite the more difficult conditions, the election campaign was still active. I noticed many good projects of some candidates. We have also seen how some competitors resort to their usual retrograde tactics. However, there are politicians who still believe that people can be lied to, while local budgets are wasted and communities stagnate in underdevelopment,” said Iohannis.

He stressed that  “the same politicians use the majority they still have in parliament to promote all sorts of populist and electoral laws, despite knowing very well that they cannot be enforced”.

In this regard, the head of state stressed that “PSD’s irresponsibility risks throwing Romania into a prolonged economic crisis and condemning generations to pay these huge costs. This cynical way of doing politics is a thing of the past, and voting is important to set a new, positive direction. We have many successful local communities, as we have examples where local governments have failed miserably in guaranteeing citizens access to basic utilities, “Iohannis told journalists .

“There are only a few days left until a defining moment for the way in which the localities in which we live will evolve in the next 4 years. This Sunday we go to the polls to decide to whom we entrust the responsibility of administering our communities. Why is this choice so important? Because the modernization of schools, hospitals and roads depends on those who will win Sunday’s elections,” Iohannis stated.

He underlined that due to the COVID-19 pandemic this year, the electoral process was disrupted. “Local elections should have taken place many months ago, but they had to be postponed because there were many unknowns about the virus. Unfortunately, the pandemic is far from over, but unlike the spring of this year, we now know what the conditions are for sanitary measures to be complied with. I am referring to the rigorous disinfection of the polling stations, to the creation of separate input and output circuits, to the disinfection of the hands before and after the exercise of the vote. If everyone keeps the basic rules of wearing the mask correctly, disinfecting the hands and keeping your distance, then the risk of infection in the polling stations is kept to a minimum, “said the President.

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