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December 1, 2022

PM Orban, after CCR ruling on gradual increase of child allowances: PNL will double them as decided, in five steps

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban on Thursday said in Focsani that the child allowance will be doubled in five steps, as decided by the Government.

“The National Liberal Party (PNL) will double the allowance, as decided, in five steps, with the last steps scheduled for July 1 2022. For now, all that we have is an announcement made by the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) and we are waiting for the explanatory, depending on which we will decide what to do next. In our opinion, increasing allowances is a priority (…), but we must do it while considering the economic reality, and the available resources, so that this won’t be a deceitful increase that we will not be able to sustain and that will generate disadvantageous economic consequences,” PM Orban told a press conference after the Constitutional Court of Romania on announced that it unanimously rejected the constitutional challenge filed by the Romanian Government and found the Law on the rejection of GEO No. 123.2020 on the modification of article 3 of the Law No. 61/1993 regarding the child allowance to be constitutional.

The PM added that a doubling of the allowances at this point will lead to an increase in the budget deficit by more than a half percentage point.

“The doubling of the child allowance implies a budgetary effort of approximately 7 billion lei per year, which means a significant increase in the deficit of 0.6 per cent,” said Ludovic Orban, according to Agerpres.

PSD claims money used by PM “to buy mayors” was enough to double child allowances

The Social Democratic Party (PSD)  says Prime Minister Ludovic Orban “must urgently return to the budget the money he transferred to the PNL’s electoral piggy-bank to buy mayors,” for that money was enough to double the child allowances.

“Orban must urgently return to the budget the money he transferred to the PNL’s electoral piggy-bank to buy mayors, one by one. That money was enough to double the children’s allowances. Today, the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) once again told them that the law on doubling allowances must be observed. But how many times do they need to be told that a law voted by the Parliament and promulgated by the president must be observed?!! The law must be observed,” PSD said in a message posted on Facebook on Thursday.

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