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April 19, 2021

Over 18 million voters expected at the polls on Sunday with new rules prompted by the pandemic

More than 18 million voters are expected at the polls on Sunday to elect their mayors, county council presidents, but also those who will be part of local and county councils for four years.

Citizens can exercise their right to vote in 18,794 polling stations organized at national level, of which over 1,200 in the Capital, most in Districts 3 and 6.

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted new rules for Sunday’s voting, for the first time Romanians being forced to comply with certain health protection measures, in order to avoid the spread of the new coronavirus.

Also as a result of the pandemic, the elections, which were to take place in June, were postponed, the mandate of the current local elected officials being extended.

The local councils, the county councils, the mayors and the presidents of the county councils are elected by universal, equal, direct, secret and freely expressed vote. In Bucharest, voters vote for the appointment of the local council and the district mayor, the General Council of the Municipality of Bucharest and the general mayor.

Local and county councils are elected by constituency, based on list voting, according to the principle of proportional representation. The mayors of communes, cities, municipalities, the districts of Bucharest, the general mayor and the president of the county council are elected by constituencies, by uninominal ballot.

The total number of citizens with the right to vote registered in the Electoral Register on July 31 was 18,983,585, according to the latest information of the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP).

Out of the total number of Romanian voters listed in the Electoral Register, 18,251,611 have their domicile or residence in the country, and 731,974 have their domicile abroad and are CRDS passport holders.

They have the right to elect Romanian citizens who have reached the age of 18, including those who reach this age on election day; Romanian citizens who have not been placed under interdiction or who have not been prohibited from exercising their right to vote, for the period established by final court decision; citizens of the European Union who have their domicile or residence in Romania.

In local elections, the right to vote is exercised only in the commune, city, municipality or administrative-territorial subdivision of the municipality in which the voter has his/her domicile or residence, as the case may be.

Voters vote only at the polling station to which the street or place of their domicile or residence is ascribed and where they are registered in the permanent electoral list (Romanian citizens voters) or in the copy of the complementary electoral list (European Union citizens voters).

At Sunday’s election, Romanian citizens exercise their right to vote on the basis of one of the following identity documents: identity card, electronic identity card, provisional identity card, identity card or diplomatic passport, electronic diplomatic passport, service passport or the electronic service passport, and in the case of students from military schools – the military service card. The documents must be valid on the voting day.

The voter who holds an identity card whose validity term would have expired between March 1 and September 27 can exercise his right to vote based on it, established the Central Electoral Bureau.

At the same time, the citizens of the European Union registered on the complementary electoral list can exercise their right to vote on the basis of any valid document attesting their identity.

The European voter who is not registered in the complementary electoral list may vote on the basis of the document certifying his identity issued by the Member State of the European Union of which he is a citizen, accompanied by the document on the address in Romania or on the basis of the registration certificate or permanent residence card. , being registered on the additional electoral roll, states BEC.

The polling stations will open on Sunday, at 7.00, and close at 21.00. Voters who, at 21.00, are in the polling station can exercise their right to vote.

Source: Agerpres

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