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January 28, 2022

PM Orban , about the electoral process: There have only been minor incidents recorded so far

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said that there have been only “minor” incidents reported in the electoral process so far, not “very serious incidents”.

“Obviously, I was presented with basically the entire architecture of the devices involved in supporting the local elections. In addition to the central device, there is a direct connection with the devices at the level of each county. Teams of two were sent for the centre to each county and also teams from the control body, representatives of each of the 10 areas that have been established. The development of the electoral process is monitored by the minute, and we are ready to intervene in any situation when the police are needed. There have only been “minor” incidents reported so far, no serious incidents. Obviously, we are monitoring the functioning of all electoral mechanisms,” Ludovic Orban said on Sunday at the MAI (Ministry of Interior) headquarters.

The Prime Minister added that he addressed a request to the representatives of the Government in the territory that in the premises where there are several polling stations to be organized separate flows, so that “the electoral process can be carried out smoothly in each polling station.”

The head of the Executive participates together with the Minister of Interior, Marcel Vela, in a videoconference with the prefects and the heads of the territorial structures of the Ministry of Interior.

Capital City Hall broadcasts advertising materials in the election day

PNL (National Liberal Party) leader Ludovic Orban claims that in Bucharest, on the day of the local elections, the City Hall broadcasts advertising materials “by using the citizens’ money” and asks the media not to broadcast the City Hall’s videos, as they are of an electoral nature.”

“I have seen with sadness and even revolt how, on the election day, from the taxes paid by the citizens, the Capital City Hall broadcasts advertising materials, despite the decision of the Municipal Electoral Bureau. We cannot make a decision ourselves in this respect, this is a decision that the National Audiovisual Council must make. (…) The budget of the Capital City Hall is fueled by the taxes paid by the citizens. By using the citizens’ money the City Hall carries out a campaign for the incumbent PSD (Social Democratic Party) mayor, and this is not normal, it is not natural. I call on the media not to broadcast these clips because they are obviously of an electoral nature and can constitute a form of influencing the voters that is neither legal nor correct,” Ludovic Orban stated on Sunday, at the MAI headquarters.

Number of COVID-19 cases increasing over past two weeks; things under controls

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban also said that the number of COVID-19 cases has been increasing over the past two weeks, but things are “under control.”

“We do assessments periodically, weekly. It’s an upward trend, but an upward trend that did not appear overnight, it’s an upward trend of 150-200 cases that has been seen in the past two weeks, but we have to we take into account the fact that we have ordered, basically, the resumption of all economic, social, educational, cultural activities and, due to the increase in the number of interactions, the growth risk has increased a bit, but I consider that the situation is under control and there is an increase that shouldn’t get us worried, for we are prepared to take any necessary measures to ensure compliance with the health protection rules and treatment of patients,” Orban also said at the MAI headquarters.

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