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April 18, 2021

BEC, partial results for local elections: Nicusor Dan 42.78 pct, Gabriela Firea 37.99 pct

Independent candidate Nicusor Dan, supported by the PNL (National Liberal Party) and USR PLUS Alliance (Save Romania Union – Liberty, Unity and Solidarity Party), won 42.78 pct of the votes for the office of Bucharest General Mayor, while the current mayor, Gabriela Firea, the PSD (Social Democratic Party) candidate took 37.99 pct, according to the partial figures released by the Central Electoral Office (BEC) centralized by 14:00 hrs, after the counting of about 95.29 pct of the votes.

In third place is Traian Basescu, the PMP (People’s Movement Party) candidate, former president of Romania (2005 – 2014, ed. n.) with 10.98 pct.

Third-ranked is Traian Basescu, PMP’s (People Movement Party) candidate, with 11 per cent.

Armand, Mihaiu, Negoita, Baluta, Popescu and Ciucu win Bucharest sectors

The candidates supported by PNL (National Liberal Party) and USR PLUS (Save Romania Union – Party of Liberty, Unity and Solidarity Alliance) in the city halls of districts 1, 2 and 6 – Clotilde Armand, Radu Mihaiu and Ciprian Ciucu – are still supported with the most votes in Sunday elections, as well as in districts 3, 4 and 5, where Robert Negoita (Pro Bucharest2020), Daniel Baluta (PSD, Social Democratic Party) and Cristian Popescu-Piedone (PPU-SL, Humanist Power Party – Social Liberal) are ranked first, according to the centralized partial data of the BEC (Central Election Bureau), by 2 p.m., after more than 90 pct of the votes have been counted.

In District 1, after the counting of 90.92 pct of the votes, Clotilde Armand has 41.28 pct, Daniel Tudorache (PSD) – 39.52 pct, and Ioana Constantin (PMP, People’s Movement Party) – 7.71 pct.

In District 2, after the centralization of 95.58 pct of the votes, Radu Mihaiu has 36.78 pct, Dan Cristian Popescu (PSD) – 31.51 pct, and Neculai Ontanu (ADER PPU-SL) – 14.13 pct.

In District 3, after the counting of 93.16 pct of the vote, Robert Negoita won 43.76 pct, Adrian Moraru (PNL – USR PLUS) – 28.40 pct, and Aurelian Badulescu (PSD) – 13.74 pct.

After the counting of 97.57 pct of the votes, in District 4, Daniel Baluta got 57.05 pct, and Simona Spataru (PNL – USR PLUS) – 29.85 pct.

In District 5, after 95.60 pct of the votes have been counted, Cristian Popescu-Piedone has 28.03 pct, Daniel Florea (PSD) – 25.61 pct, and Cristian Bacanu (PNL – USR PLUS) – 25.38 pct.

In District 6, after 96.55 pct of the votes have been centralized, Ciprian Ciucu took 43.46 pct of the vote, Gabriel Mutu (PSD) – 34.48 pct and Stefan Florescu (PMP) – 7.66 pct.

Dan: It is very likely that we got majority in the general council and district councils

Nicusor Dan, who according to the exit polls won the office of general mayor of the Capital City Bucharest, on Sunday evening stated that it is “very likely” that the representatives of USR PLUS (Save Romania Union – Freedom, Unity, Solidarity Party) and PNL (National Liberal Party) will hold the majority in the future general council and district councils.

“Together, we’ve won the Capital City Hall, we’ve won three or four district mayoralties, we’ve won the majority, most likely, in the seven councils – the general council and the district councils. Tomorrow we will start working and (… ), as soon as we are officially invested, we will change the face of Bucharest. Bucharest has extraordinary potential, it has people who are competitive in many fields. There is a huge discrepancy between what the people of Bucharest do in the private environment and what the public administration has managed to do for them. From now on, we must work together, to channel the energies so that Bucharest returns to where it belongs,” said Nicusor Dan, at the USR PLUS headquarters.

He said that for USR PLUS and PNL it was a “sacrifice” to support an independent candidate, but it was a gesture of responsibility.

“I’ve come here to thank my colleagues at USR PLUS for this partnership and for their support throughout this campaign. And I want to assure the people of Bucharest that this partnership, as we promised, will last four years. I want everybody to keep in mind that – for USR PLUS and for PNL – it was a sacrifice to support an independent candidate, but it was a gesture of great responsibility. It was a gesture of response from the people of Bucharest who were exasperated by the PSD administration and who insisted, in the context of the local elections taking place in one single round, that the opposition parties in Bucharest reach an agreement to have only one candidate, together, for the office of general mayor and district mayors. We must congratulate those who created this partnership,” said Nicusor Dan.

He was accompanied by USR PLUS co-chairs Dan Barna and Dacian Ciolos, as well as by USR PLUS Bucharest co-chairs Claudiu Nasui and Vlad Voiculescu.

According to the results of the exit poll conducted by CURS – Avangarde, independent candidate Nicusor Dan, supported by PNL and the USR PLUS Alliance, obtained, on Sunday, 47.2 per cent of the votes of the Bucharesters for the office of general mayor of the Capital City, while the current mayor, Gabriela Firea, the PSD candidate, collected 39 per cent of the votes.

Future Administration of Bucharest will collaborate with the Government for projects like underground, road ring or green belt

Deputy Nicusor Dan, candidate to the Capital’s General Mayor office, endorsed by the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Save Romania Union (USR) – the Freedom, Unity and Solidarity Party (PLUS) Alliance said on Sunday evening that the future administration of Bucharest will collaborate with the Government for projects such as the Capital’s overground metro, ring road or green belt.

“I want to assure the people of Bucharest that we will work with the Government to solve those problems that can only be solved in collaboration. Whether it is the overground metro, or the ring road, the motorway road or the green belt – each of these things, as Ludovic Orban has said many times, they will be resolved in partnership between the Capital City Hall and the Romanian Government. I think that Bucharest has had far too many scandals to cover the concrete solution of the problems that the people of Bucharest have,” he said in a press statement held at the PNL headquarters.

Nicusor Dan thanked the PNL partners and his “friend” Ludovic Orban for the campaign carried out together. He assured that the future administration of the Capital will partner with the business environment, with the academic environment, with NGOs and professional associations.

“I want to assure the people of Bucharest that in ten days’ time, when the oath is taken, a different administration of Bucharest will start, an administration that will first and foremost partner with the citizen, an administration that will use the special energies of this city. (…) It is a very beautiful evening. We will start work tomorrow, so that we will be ready when we take the oath,” he said.

Asked if he is considering joining the PNL, Nicusor Dan replied that in the next period he will dedicate his energy to Bucharest.

“The management of the Capital City Hall is an extremely serious matter. At the moment, a bankrupt city hall, a city hall with huge structural problems in terms of traffic, pollution, buildings with earthquake risk, district heating – my energy in the next period will be dedicated to Bucharest,” he replied.

At the same time, he specified that it is “extremely likely” that a PNL – USR PLUS majority will be formed in the General Council.

“Of course, in order to solve the problems of the Bucharesters, I am willing to talk to any political force in the General Council, because that is logical, that’s what we do in politics,” he added, according to Agerpres.

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