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October 31, 2020

Ciolos: It is no longer enough to demonize opponent but deliver results

Save Romania Union – Party of Liberty, Unity and Solidarity Alliance (USR PLUS) co-chair Dacian Ciolos said on Monday that more and more Romanians want evolution and construction, and in a political competition it is no longer enough to “demonize” the opponent.

“One thing is becoming clearer: In Romania of 2020, more and more people want evolution and construction. The demonization of the opponent in politics is no longer enough. The time has come for a positive vision and the delivery of results to change things for the better. I hope I do not rush when I say that the time is coming for people who enter politics to do things in the interest of the community, openly, not to get rich themselves and those who pushed them on party lists,” the leader of the Renew Europe group in the European Parliament wrote on Facebook.

He added that he wanted the local election winners to understand that “the hardship is just beginning” and that the seats won are “a sign of immense anticipation”.

“I want to see those who have received this message today, winning mandates, understand that the hardship is just beginning. That these mandates won are not yet a victory, but just a sign of a huge expectation and a responsibility that now begins. That, after so much polarization in Romanian politics, it is essential to learn to govern for all people, not just for ‘ours.’ And I hope that the power gained today will not get to their heads and remain there, but will be translated into force and the determination to deliver results. Now, at this moment, I am proud of my young colleagues who have shown determination, endurance and maturity. In fact, once again, the healthy Romania has won,” Ciolos added.

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