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May 20, 2022

Nicusor Dan: In first week after taking oath of office I will present financial situation of PMB

The elected Bucharest general mayor, Nicusor Dan, announced on Monday that he intends to present the financial situation of the Bucharest City Hall (PMB) within a week from taking the oath of office, and an audit will be carried out within a few months.

At the same time, when asked at private broadcaster B1Tv if he appreciates that there could be people from the previous administration who would end up in prison, Nicusor Dan replied: “I would bet on that”.

“In any case, very soon you will find out the financial situation of the mayor’s office. The General City Hall, which must give a subsidy and did not and there is 800 million lei missing – all this financial situation of the mayor’s office and the subordinated institutions you will have in a week, because I also want to have it in a week, so that we don’t go into default,” he said.

Nicusor Dan mentioned that an audit will be carried out by a specialized company, following a vote in this regard in the General Council and a procurement procedure, a process that could take 4-6 months. He said that the corruption cases he spoke about during the election campaign would be analyzed, but noted that his mandate would be primarily to solve the city’s major problems.

“On the corruption cases we talked about in this election campaign, without a doubt, we will address them. We will also direct our attention to the big cases of retrocession. How were people granted plots in Herastrau Park? (…) This is not my objective. I believe that my mandate, given to me by the people of Bucharest, is to solve the current, big, serious problems of this city and to give it a direction of development. Namely to attract big investment in Bucharest, to catapult it on the global market as an IT center, to have conference centers, to have business events take place here, to have a European agency come to settle in Bucharest, the elected general mayor specified.

He added that over time he had been informed of various situations, such as rigged competitions or people employed without diplomas, aspects which he said would be checked.

“An important segment of the Capital City Hall is the mayor’s control body of. Over time, I have been informed of rigged competitions, people employed without diplomas. All these things will be verified and insofar as they are criminal, they will be directed towards the competent authorities. In addition, we talked about some big corruption business: Verdi Park, Cinema Lumina, the purchase of trams. I promise we will look very carefully into these matters,” he added, according to Agerpres.

According to Nicusor Dan, one of the first measures he intends to take will be the dismissal of the head of the Legal Department.

At the same time, he spoke about a first gesture, with symbolic value – the opening of the doors of the town hall, located across the road from Cismigiu.

“Now it [the door, ed.n.] is locked and if I’m not mistaken, it also has a carpet, and the people of Bucharest enter through some narrow side entrances. I was accused this was my campaign program. No. But it is a symbolic gesture,” he said.

BEC, partial results at 9:00 am: Nicusor Dan -42,78%, Gabriela Firea -37,99%

Independent candidate Nicusor Dan, supported by National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Save Romania Union (USR) – Liberty, Unity and Solidarity Party (PLUS) Alliance, won 42.78% of the votes for the position of general mayor of Bucharest, and the current mayor, Gabriela Firea, the Social Democratic Party (PSD) candidate – 37.99%, according to the partial data of the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) centralized until Tuesday at 9.00, after counting 97.46% of the votes.

On the third place is Traian Basescu, the People’s Movement Party (PMP) candidate, with 10.98%.

Armand, Mihaiu, Negoita, Baluta, Piedone and Ciucu still winners at the districts

The candidates supported by PNL (National Liberal Party) and USR PLUS (Save Romania Union – Freedom, Unity, Solidarity Party) for the office of mayor of districts 1, 2 and 6 of the Capital City, namely Clotilde Armand, Radu Mihaiu and Ciprian Ciucu – remain the ones who garnered most votes in Sunday’s elections, while Robert Negoita (Pro Bucuresti 2020) collected most votes in district 3, Daniel Baluta (Social Democratic Party – PSD) collected the most votes in district 4 and Cristian Popescu Piedone (Humanist Power Party – Social Liberal – PPU-SL) collected the most votes in district 5, according to the partial data centralized by BEC (Central Electoral Bureau), until Tuesday, 9.00 am.

In district 1, after counting 94.93pct of the votes, Clotilde Armand has 41.06pct, Daniel Tudorache (PSD) – 39.72pct, and Ioana Constantin (PMP) – 7.75pct.

In district 2, after the centralization of 97.55pct of the votes, Radu Mihaiu has 36.91pct, Dan Cristian Popescu (PSD) – 31.50pct, and Neculai Ontanu (the alliance between the Adhere to Democracy Education and Reconstruction Party and PPU-SL) – 14.06pct.

In district 3, after counting 95.97pct of the votes, Robert Negoita took 43.75pct of the votes, Adrian Moraru (PNL – USR PLUS) – 28.44pct, and Aurelian Badulescu (PSD) – 13.71pct.

After counting 98.09pct of the votes, in district 4, Daniel Baluta garnered 57.03pct, and Simona Spataru (PNL – USR PLUS) – 29.88pct.

In district 5, after counting 97.30pct of the votes, Cristian Popescu Piedone has 28.08pct, Daniel Florea (PSD) – 25.64pct, and Cristian Bacanu (PNL – USR PLUS) – 25.24pct.

In district 6, where 98.12pct of the votes were centralized, Ciprian Ciucu took 43.40pct, Gabriel Mutu (PSD) – 34.56pct and Stefan Florescu (PMP) – 7.68pct.

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