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May 27, 2022

Police investigates possible electoral fraud at Bucharest Sector 1 elections. Man caught carrying 473 minutes

A man was caught with 473 minutes following Sunday’s local elections, according to the Chief of Bucharest’s Sector 1 Police, Chief Commissioner Ionut Dana.

He mentioned that the man on whom the minutes were found was registered on the electoral list of a political party under the heading of local councilors.

“We are conducting investigations through the 4th Police Station, under the coordination of the Prosecutor’s Office with the Sector 1 Court, for the crime provided by art. 391 regarding the forgery of documents and electoral records,” said Ionut Dana, at the headquarters of the Sector 1 Police.

He said people from several political parties had been heard.

“Checks are still being carried out by the Permanent Electoral Authority, in order to establish the authenticity of those minutes found on the man,” Ionut Dana added.

The official added that the man was caught in a building in which the Electoral Bureau of Sector 1 is also located.

The mayor of Sector 1, Daniel Tudorache, stated that the person who left Electoral Bureau Sector 1 with minutes was in fact a courier.

He recalled that he had applied for a recount.

On Monday, Tudorache announced, after the end of the PSD’s parallel count, that he has 200 more votes than Clotilde Armand. Subsequently, the co-president of USR PLUS Bucharest Claudiu Nasui stated that, according to the parallel counts of the alliance, Armand would have obtained 1,000 votes more than Tudorache.

The 4th Police Station was notified on Monday, by calling 112, regarding the fact that a man, a candidate of a political party for the position of councilor, was seen by several representatives of other political parties leaving the building where Sector 1 Electoral Bureau operated, having several minutes on him.

According to the Police, the persons concerned were identified and taken to the headquarters of the 4th Police Station to establish the factual and legal situation.

Via Agerpres

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