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May 25, 2022

Declic petition: Over 10,500 persons request Prosecutor General investigate possible electoral fraud in the local elections in Bucharest

Over 10,500 persons are requesting the general prosecutor, Gabriela Scutea, dispose the starting of an investigation in regards to possible electoral fraud in the local elections in Bucharest.

“The signatories of the petition believe that without the involvement of the General Prosecutor’s office we won’t know if the mayors or local councilors are those we elected or are uncaught thieves. And, especially, we will not find out if it’s a few isolated cases or a generalized crime system that falsifies the result of elections in the entire country,” according to a release of the Declic community, sent, on Wednesday, to AGERPRES.

The Declic petition was launched following suspicions appearing in the public space regarding the fraud of the electoral process in Bucharest, where the leaders of the political formations had a competition of accusations regarding stolen votes or votes moved from one candidate to another, faked closing reports or other chicanes, Declic mentions.

“At the level of local prosecutor’s offices there were criminal complaints recorded, but the Declic community is requesting a unitary investigation to shed light once and for all regarding the fairness of the elections. Treated individually, without the information being correlated from one local prosecutors’ office to another, there is the risk for the investigations to lose sight of the bigger picture or be unable to gather enough evidence,” Declic mentions.

Antoniu Bumb, Declic campaigner, stated that “the trust of citizens in the electoral process is at a low.”

“For us, as voters, it’s incredible what is happening. Practically all parties are calling out ‘THIEF!’. They agree that the elections were stolen! In such a situation everyone loses, because the trust of citizens in the electoral process is at a low. Romania cannot afford this before the parliamentary elections. We must find out if the votes were stolen or not and that will happen only through an ample and impartial investigation of the General Prosecutor’s office. Only thus can the fair people of this country can go vote again, convinced that their votes actually matter,” said Antoniu Bumb.

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