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January 18, 2022

Attorney of Bucharest Sector 1 PSD branch: With mismatching numbers at 17 polling places, winner can’t be declared

Attorney of the Bucharest Sector 1 Social Democratic Party’s branch, Mihai Dragan, declared on Friday that a winner of this sector’s mayor’s office cannot be declared because even to this day the numbers in the minutes at 17 polling stations do not match, as the number of votes entered in the forms for each candidate differs from the number of valid cast ballots.

“We are complaining about an inappropriate behavior of the president of the Sector 1 Electoral Bureau, as regards his rights and obligations, which has led to the rigging of the election in this sector (…). According to our latest information – our computer experts have checked almost all the uploaded minutes and although theoretically this is not possible, the numbers for 17 minutes, that is for 17 polling stations or more than 10 percent, still do not match, specifically the number of votes entered in the documents for each candidate does not correspond to the number of valid ballots cast. Consequently, it is clear that a winner cannot be declared,” said Mihai Dragan before entering the headquarters of the Section for the Investigation of Criminal Offences in the Judiciary (SIIJ) together with Sector 1 incumbent mayor Dan Tudorache.

Dragan stressed that, leaving aside the flawed results, the electoral process cannot be completed as long as the math on all the minutes does not fit, and added that he has “solid evidence” – documents and video files to present to the prosecutors.

Earlier on Friday, Dan Tudorache told AGERPRES that he had been summoned to the SIIJ following the complaint filed against the president of the Sector 1 Electoral Bureau.

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