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March 23, 2023

PM Orban: Teachers who refuse to teach online have no place in education system

Teachers who refuse to teach online “have no place” in the education system, said, on Friday, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, who emphasized that teachers have the obligation to adapt to any situation.

“I cannot accept the idea that there are teachers who refuse to exercise their profession or their mission. A teacher that does not do classes online where the organization of online classes is necessary, if of ten classes they do only six, or four, they shouldn’t be paid, it’s that simple. And, if they refuse to teach online, from my point of view, they have no place in the education system, because a teacher has the obligation to adapt to any situation. His/her job is to pass information, the knowledge from the respective subject and, obviously, many other values, principles, to be a model, but he/she has the obligation to adapt to the way of transmitting this knowledge. Let’s be honest, the online [environment] is already a thing that exists in our life. We all have, most of us Facebook accounts, we know what live videos are, how can you not adapt to teach online,” explained Orban, in a press conference at the Education Ministry.

According to the Prime Minister, children are “much safer” in school in what regards SARS-CoV-2 infection, then when they are “not controlled”.

“For this reason it’s very important not only what happens in school, but also how the child gets to school, and, especially, what they do after leaving school. Because, if they are not picked up by parents or are permitted a very high degree of liberty in their spare time, there is the possibility of not getting sick in school, to get sick outside the school, after they leave the school. There are teenagers who are going to outdoor restaurants, there are teenagers who go to the park, there are teenagers who go and practice sports, but who do not follow the rules anymore. (…) In school, the child is safer than when he/she is not supervised,” said the Prime Minister, according to Agerpres.

In his opinion, it’s premature to say that the number of infections with the novel coronavirus increased due to the start of school, “because it’s possible that, in the first week or in the first ten days, very many cases to have appeared due to vacations and children to have gotten sick or teachers to have gotten sick before the start of school and the infection to manifest after the beginning of school.”

He said that each school director should think out spaces so as to avoid the risk of creating crowding and to take care that the protection masks be worn and for a “reasonable” distance be kept during breaks as well.

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