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September 27, 2021

National Committee for Emergency Situations decides 30-day state of alert extension starting October 15

The National Committee for Emergency Situations (CNSU) has decided today to extend the state of alert on Romania’s territory by another 30 days, starting October 15.

“As you could see, an upward trend of infections is expected in Europe, and in Romania we have the same trend. Leaving aside the smaller number of tests conducted on Saturday and Sunday, which resulted in a smaller number of new daily cases, today we have 3,100 cases reported in the 41 counties plus the municipality of Bucharest. Included here is the increase in the number of infections in the counties of Alba, Bacau, Timis, Prahova, Cluj, Iasi and Bucharest City,” Health Minister Nelu Tataru told a press conference at the Victoria Palace of Government.

He added that the same meeting approved the list of countries with epidemiological risk for which travelers to Romania are required to provide a negative Covid test if they stay no more than three days, or to quarantine for 14 days for longer stays, with the possibility of taking a test on the 8th day; if this returns negative, they can leave quarantine after the 10th day.

Via Agerpres

Photo: www.gov.ro

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