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November 27, 2022

DSU’s Arafat: Mask mandatory in all open spaces where incidence of COVID cases exceeds 3 per 1000 residents

The Government has approved the decision on extending the state of alert by 30 days, starting with October 15, said the head of the Department for Emergency Situations (DSU), Raed Arafat, specifying that it also provides for the mandatory wearing of the face mask in all open spaces in localities where the incidence of COVID cases exceeds 3 per one thousand residents.

“Today, we discussed during the Government meeting the proposals of the National Committee for Emergency Situations that we announced yesterday, in fact. The following confirmed measures remain in place regarding the wearing of the face mask – for an incidence ranging from 0 to 3 face masks are mandatory in crowded spaces and within a distance of 50 metres from the entrance to schools, starting with a 3 per thousand incidence the mask is mandatory in all open spaces,” Raed Arafat said on Wednesday at the Victoria Palace of Government.

He added that the provisions according to which “restaurants, cafes, cinemas (…) shall operate at 50% capacity at an incidence ranging between 0 and 1.5 per one thousand population” remain valid.

“Between 1.5 per thousand and 3 per thousand, at 30% capacity, and at more than 3 per thousand, then, unfortunately, they will be closed,” Arafat said.

Another provision approved by the Government’s Decision regarding the state of alert refers to the mandatory weekly testing of the personnel working in residential centers, through the care of the Public Health Directorates.

“This is necessary after the staff no longer rotates every 14 days and they come in normal shifts, so their evaluation every 7 days will prevent the transmission of the virus or reduce the risk of transmission of the virus to the residents of the respective centers. So these are the main provisions that were established by today’s government decision,” said Arafat.

Asked what was decided in the case of private events, the DSU head mentioned: “Private events, if I failed to talk about them, yes, private events remain restricted, namely prohibited in closed and public spaces nationwide, so this is also set forth in the government decision.

Fomenting civil disobedience of rules means more patients, probably more deaths

Secretary of State in the Ministry of the Interior and head of the Emergency Department Raed Arafat said on Wednesday that COVID-19 cases are on a “major upward trend” in Romania and that fomenting civil disobedience of the rules “can only mean more patients and probably more deaths.”

“Everyone sees that we have a steady rise in cases, we are on a major upward trend. When we set these measures in place we are trying to reduce exposure, to reduce virus transmission. Our call to the population is to understand the situation and partner with us in complying with these rules and provisions that are issued by decisions of the National Committee for Emergency Situations or government decisions. This is extremely important because there are many propagating civil disobedience of the rules in online media or who make such statements in other public spaces. This will only worsen the situation, and fomenting the population into disobeying the rules only means more patients and, probably, more deaths. I am renewing this call: following the rules these days is extremely important and we cannot work without the partnership of the population, of the local authorities, of all the institutions. One entity cannot handle this by itself. The message I convey to the population through you is to think about their and their loved ones’ health and to observe the recommended or mandatory rules,” Arafat said at the government meeting.

In a somewhat related thread, he mentioned that he has no information about a decision to allow the access of pilgrims from outside Iasi to the relics of Saint Paraskeva on her feast celebration today.

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