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December 3, 2022

FinMin Citu assures no tax raise envisaged for this year or the next

The Finance Ministry has no plan to raise taxes either this year or the next, because it already has solutions for financing the expenses due during this period, Finance Minister Florin Citu said on Thursday.

“We are not raising taxes. I’ve said it: we are not going to raise taxes, neither now, nor in the future. This is not the time for putting up taxes. We believe in a liberal economy with few and low taxes which everyone duly pays. You must be confident. From the position of Finance Minister I am telling you that taxes will not rise until the end of this year or next year. We already have financing solutions for both this year the next to finance all the expenses we need during this difficult period,” Citu said in a video message on Facebook.

Pointing out that Romania is going through a period of electoral campaign characterized by a swarm of messages pervading the public with regard to the health of the economy, the Finance Minister notes that “Romania, along with other economies, is experiencing difficult times. The global economy must recover. We are going through a health crisis which is not over and which we don’t know how long will last. Romania is going through an election campaign and I know that every day you are bombarded with hundreds of messages that have no real support, especially about the health of the economy. My credo has always been: trust, transparency, professionalism. No problem this year has gone without us having a solution for it. Although we were caught with a depleted state reserve we found solutions to restock, we found masks and sanitizer to keep the people healthy. We found resources for furlough pays, to support companies. We negotiated with the banking system the most generous installment forbearance arrangement. There are no problems without solutions.”

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