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November 23, 2022

EduMin Anisie: Bucharest School Inspectorate to propose 14-day suspension of face-to-face classes

The Bucharest School Inspectorate will forward to the Municipal Committee for Emergency Situations a proposal for the 14-day suspension of face-to-face classes, Minister of Education and Research Monica Anisie said on Monday.

“We must relate to what happened yesterday – namely the infection rate topped 3 per thousand population. As a consequence, the Bucharest School Inspectorate will propose the suspension of face-to-face teaching activities for 14 days. (….) I understand that the Bucharest Municipality Committee for Emergency Situations will convene today at 15:00 hrs. (…) Classes are being held today according to the 2nd, hybrid scenario, as it has been until now, because the joint order of the Education and the Health Ministries provides that ‘in absence of a decision of the County Committee for Emergency Situations, the 2nd scenario shall apply,” Anisie said before a meeting with the members of the Bucharest School Inspectorate, where they were also due to design a plan of measures for online teaching activities.

“The Public Health Directorate of the Municipality of Bucharest notifies the Bucharest School Inspectorate of the infection incidence rate. If the rate exceeds 3 per thousand inhabitants as is the case today, the Inspectorate, together with the Public Health Directorate, send the Bucharest Municipality Committee for Emergency Situations the proposal for the 14-day suspension of in-person classes, which means that students no longer physically go to school, and learning continues online. (…) The legal provisions are clear and if we look at what happened in other counties, we’ll see that the decisions were taken by the county committees for emergency situations,” the Education Minister said, adding that other localities that operate as per the red scenario follow the procedure set forth in the relevant Minister’s Order and Government Decision.

Orban: Nurseries, after schools, not covered by restrictions applicable when critical infection rate exceeded

Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said on Monday that after schools and nurseries can work if they opt to do so, showing that they are not part of the activities subject to restrictions when the coronavirus infection incidence rate of 3 per thousand inhabitants is exceeded.

“The regulations regarding the organization of the educational process refers to education and to preschoolers, namely to kindergarten. The two stages, 1 and 3 per thousand, do not affect other activities, such as nursery and after school activities. They are not subject to this regulation. With the organization of online courses, the normal after school can no longer function, because if the students do not go to school and participate online in the educational process, the after school will no longer be able to function, but after schools and nurseries are not subject to regulations. (…) If they choose to work, they will work. They are not part of the activities that are restricted when the 3 per thousand incidence rate is exceeded,” Orban said at the PNL headquarters, after a campaign meeting of the Liberals.

He also said that an evaluation will be conducted after the 14 days, and if the reference incidence for the new coronavirus diseases falls below 3 per thousand inhabitants, the restricted activities will be resumed.

“The evaluation will be carried out, in the same way, of the number of cases over the last 14 days, because this is the reason this set of measures related to the incidence of 3 per thousand being exceeded is established for a period of 14 days and if the rate falls below 3 per thousand, the activities that were under restriction as long as the indicator was 3 per thousand are automatically resumed. I have not considered that the activity can be resumed in less than 14 days. (…) I considered that there must be 14 days for all these measures to take effect in stopping the spread of the virus,” Orban said.

The new restrictions in the Capital will be implemented, according to the prime minister, immediately after the meeting of the Emergency Situations Committee, a meeting that would take place at 15:00 hrs.

As regards the pilgrimage of Saint Dumitru, he showed that he is talking with the representatives of the Romanian Orthodox Church.

“When we make a decision, we will announce it,” the prime minister said, according to Agerpres.

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