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May 14, 2021

PM Orban: PNL will be less concerned with running a negative campaign like the other political parties do

The candidate list of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Bucharest for parliament, which is opened by the Liberal leader, Ludovic Orban, for the Chamber of Deputies, and the Minister of Finance, Florin Citu, for the Senate, was submitted on Wednesday to the Municipal Electoral Bureau (BEM).

On the first places in the Chamber of Deputies are Ludovic Orban, Violeta Alexandru, Cristina Traila, Antonel Tanase, Sebastian Burduja, Cristian Bacanu, Pavel Popescu, Mara Mares, Daniela Nicolescu, Iuliana-Cristina Grigorescu, Bogdan Tiniche, Liviu Moraru, Violeta Vijulie, and at the Senate – Florin Citu, Sorin Cimpeanu, Monica Anisie, Matei Dobrovie, Ligia Popescu, Viorel Tanase, Florin Catalin Ivan, Dan Meran, Lucretiu Tudoroiu, Maria Tilea.

“We wanted to submit the candidacies this morning to show that we are bent on diving into work, we are bent on making an effort that we started a year ago, an effort to rebuild, to make Romania credible again, an effort to restore seriousness, competence and realism in Parliament’s functioning. (…) We are a determined team, that includes, besides experienced people, many young people who are on the verge of proving themselves,” said Orban, at the Municipal Electoral Bureau.

He specified that all the projects that Bucharest needs will be supported.

“Together with our partners we won the City Hall, Nicusor Dan is the general mayor and will benefit from the support of all PNL parliamentarians who will be elected in the Romanian Parliament for all projects that solve Bucharest’s problems, the same being true for all those who will be part of Government,” Orban said.

He stressed that the Liberals will launch a “fair, honest and direct” campaign, in which PNL projects, solutions and objectives will be presented.

“We will be less concerned with running a negative campaign like the other political parties do,” Orban said, according to Agerpres.

He stressed that it is vital for Romania that the elections for the new Legislature take place on December 6.

December 6 ballot decisive for Romania, PSD’s attempts to postpone it are in vain

Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Prime Minister Ludovic Orban declared on Tuesday that the December 6 general election is decisive for Romania and that the Social Democratic Party’s (PSD) efforts to postpone the ballot are in vain, as the Liberals will use all the legal and constitutional weapons against this attempt.

“In May 2019 the Romanians have clearly shown that they no longer want PSD, that they are fed up with a party that treads on the rights and freedoms of the people, a party that attempted to hijack Romania and did nothing but serve the interests of its political clientele and defend its legally embattled members. All the battles won, the battle for the European Parliament, the presidential battle and that for local offices must be crowned by the decisive victory. The PSD is not dead yet, the PSD is not yet broken, it’s writhing and plotting to keep Romania in its grip by all possible means. The December 6 election is decisive for Romania. On December 6 the Romanians must come to the polls in all confidence and vote PNL, which is the only political force capable of defeating PSD and of governing Romania and leading the country in the right direction,” Orban said at the headquarters of the Central Electoral Bureau after submitting the lists with the support signatures for the party’s candidates in the parliamentary election.

Orban stressed that “Romania is endangered” with each day the PSD still controls Parliament.

“PSD’s attempts to postpone the election are in vain. We will fight with all the constitutional and legal weapons to allow the Romanians to get rid of the Parliament born from Dragnea’s pen, which generated a toxic majority, which destroyed Romania and wants to further wreak damage on it. For us, each day where the PSD majority remains in control of Parliament is a day where Romania is endangered, a day where this majority can invent a host of new regulations to upset Romania and compromise its chances for development in the medium and long term. Democracy means elections, democracy means the citizens’ power to decide who represents them,” Orban said, according to Agerpres.

The Liberals are running for Parliament under the slogan “Developing Romania”.

“This is our goal – to ensure the fast-paced development of Romania by using the Romanians’ resources of intelligence and diligence, by using all the resources that God has given us, by putting to use all the opportunities Romania benefits from in this historical period and by using all the resources Romania can get from Europe or from any other source in order to be able to support the country’s development,” said Orban.

The PNL Chairman emphasized the need for infrastructure investments, mentioning that in an equally long time, the government has managed to attract three times more European funds than the former PSD government, to defend jobs, to increase the number of employees and to rise the net average wage by 7.5 percent in full crisis. The IMF has also favorably revised its economic forecasts for Romania, he said, pointing out that investments during the Liberal rule are at a 10-year high.

“PNL offers the Romanians guarantees, certainties, competence, seriousness, vision, strategic partnerships, the capitalization on Romania’s positions in all international structures,” the Premier said, adding that the Liberals will campaign directly.

The Liberals submitted on Tuesday to the Central Electoral Bureau 722,000 signatures in support of the party’s candidates for Parliament.

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