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Hay Festival Arequipa

The Embassy of Peru to Romania is pleased to announce that the sixth edition of the Hay Festival Arequipa, 100% virtual and free of charge, will take place from October 28 to November 8, 2020, with 79 events that will allow the interaction of the public with the participants through the Zoom platform. 

The Hay Festival, which started on Hay-on-Wye, Wales (UK) almost 35 years ago, has three regular Hay Festivals in the American continent: Arequipa, Cartagena and Querétaro. Surrounded by four imposing volcanoes, Arequipa is the second city of Peru with 1.3 million inhabitants, and is known as the “White City” for its architecture, built with houses in white volcanic stone or sillar.

The Hay Festival Arequipa maintains the characteristics that make it particularly attractive for a varied public, of different ages, backgrounds and origins. It disseminates topics of general interest within the humanities, sciences and arts, through superb conversations between authors, thinkers, scientists, politicians, and top-level artists from all over the world. This year, an impressive selection of topics and authors is offered in: 

● Literature – Hanif Kureishi and Taiye Selasi (United Kingdom); Laurent Binet, Civilizations – Grand Prize (Novel) of the French Academy, Emmanuel Carrère, Limonov, It is convenient to have a place to go, and Laetitia Colombani The victors (France); Javier Cercas, winner of the Planeta Award with Terra Alta, Rosa Montero, The good luck, Manel Vilas, Alegría and Katixa Agirre, The mothers no (Spain); Guillermo Arriaga, Save the fire (Mexico); Leonardo Padura, Dust in the Wind (Cuba); Erri di Luca and Melania Mazzucco (Italy); Leila Guerriero (Argentina); Rafael Dumett, Katya Adaui, Maria Teresa Ruiz Rosas and Renato Cisneros (Peru). 

● Nobel Laureates – Juan Manuel Santos (Peace) with An optimistic message for a world in crisis; Mario Vargas Llosa (Literature) with reflections on Half a century with Borges and Muhammad Yunus (Peace), A world of three zeros: The new economics of zero poverty, zero unemployment and zero net carbon emissions. 

● Science – Scientist Philip Ball (UK), mathematician, Clara Grima (Spain), neurologist Facundo Manes (Argentina), with Brain of the future: Will modern life change our essence?;  astronomer José Maza (Chile) with Under the mantle of Urania, a study of five thinkers who influenced one of the greatest geniuses in the history of science: Isaac  Newton. And Miguel Pita (Spain) with A day in the life of a virus

● Current affairs – British historians Karen Armstrong and Mary Beard, both Princess of Asturias Awards; journalist Naomi Klein author of No Logo – the power of brands and Saying is not enough: Against the new policies of shock for the world we want; Moises Naim in conversation with Alberto Vergara; Patricia Merino and Patricia Cánepa, – co-authors of The Future of Work (2020); Shoshana Zuboff, a thinker and “prophet of the information age” (The Financial Times) with her latest book, The era of capitalism Surveillance: The Struggle for a Human Future Against the New Frontiers of Power and  the Oscar- winning Spanish filmmaker Fernando Trueba, director of the film The Forgetfulness We Will Be

Also, in:

● Spirituality and Philosophy – Monja Coen, Adela Cortina, Pablo D’ors, Javier Gomá, Pablo Quintanilla. 

● Comic – Miguel Brieva and Riad Sattouf 

● Gender – Paul B. Preciado, Svenja Flasspholer, Rita Segato, Camila Sosa Villada 

● Music and performance – Susana Baca, Jonzi D, Inua Ellams, Fernando Montaño, Renata Flores, La Lá 

● Culture in Quechua, indigenous worldviews and popular art (Tablas de Sarhua)- Wade Davis, Gabor Maté, Yesenia 

Montes, Pedro Favarón, Gabriela Germaná, Venuca Evanán 

● Film and photography – Fernando Trueba, Marina García Burgos, Morgana Vargas Llosa, Mayu Mohanna, Andrés Garay 

● Sustainability – Antoni Ballabriga Torreguitart, Iñigo Maneiro, Andrea Ortiz de Zevallos 

● Peruvian cuisine – Ignacio Medina, Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, María Elena Cornejo 

● Hay Festival Classics – Yuval Noah Harari, Toni Morrison, Steven Pinker 

● Children – Pepe Cabana Kojachi, Micaela Chirif, Susana Isern, Alex Nogués, Wonder Ponder, Jordi Sierra i Fabra, Erika 


As in past editions, the festival will have a lively format consisting on 45 minute conversations with Q&A at the end.  

The sessions will be recorded and stay available until November 15, so that more people around the world can enjoy them.  

Participation in all virtual events is free and is already enabled so that the public can select their sessions through the website (in Spanish and English):


To participate, the interested person is only required to register for each event in advance, and then access it through the following link:


For the Hay Festivalito, focused on children and young adults, from October 19th to November 6th (in English and Spanish):


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