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December 4, 2020

PSD’s Ciolacu: Romania is not ready to start electioneering in two weeks’ time

Social Democratic Party (PSD) national chairman Marcel Ciolacu said on Thursday in Buzau that the measures taken by the government to stop an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases “are not the right ones,” and Romania is not ready for electioneering in two weeks’ time.

“We are currently on the finishing line towards the election imposed by the current government on December 6. I maintain my point of view that not the politicians, not even the president of Romania and, last but not least, the prime minister are entitled to say whether or not it is good for us to have an election on December 6. I am still calling on the president of Romania to at least try to become the president of all Romanians, to get rid of this burden of having to lie, to cover up this incompetent government. Today’s figures prove that the direction and the preventive measures and the urgent measures that must be taken to stop this upward trend are not the right ones and I still consider that Romania is not ready to start electioneering in two weeks’ time. We have to prioritise the health of Romanians and dialogue among all political forces, and that can only happen if the president of Romania eventually quits being the president of the National Liberal Party(PNL),” said Ciolacu.

He also said that he is calling both on the president of Romania and all the political forces in the country to listen to the opinion of the specialists, and, in his opinion, the best specialist are inside PSD.

“I have not called on the president of Romania to scrap the December 6 election, I have called on all political forces, especially the president of Romania, because there is no point in calling on the prime minister because you can see the healthcare disaster we find ourselves in and the unmanaged crisis; I have called for the opinion of the specialists. Indeed, as we speak, the best specialists in the field we have to put up with are the candidates of the Social Democratic Party, Professor Rafila and Professor Cercel. It is difficult, but in the end the president of Romania must understand that the specialists are inside the Social Democratic Party and are not in the halls of the government,” added Ciolacu, according to Agerpres.

Ciolacu went to Buzau on Thursday to submit his bid for re-election to the Romanian Parliament’s Chamber of Deputies.

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